These are the new features of ChatGPT-4O: and differences with GPT-4

These are the new features of ChatGPT-4O: and differences with GPT-4
These are the new features of ChatGPT-4O: and differences with GPT-4

In the last days, OpenAI has presented the latest version of the AI ​​model that is expected to revolutionize the sector, not only for ChatGPT Plus users, but for all users in general. With intelligence comparable to the GPT-4 level, features improvements in speed and enhanced text, vision and audio capabilities.

Many have dubbed GPT-40 as a ‘Omnimodel’well has double the speed, specifically, five times greater than GPT4-Turbo. Besides, stands out for presenting a reduced price50% for more functions.

Specifically, it will be available to users with free and paid membership. Definitely, a much more accessible and efficient modelwhich can initially be used by everyone, without restrictions.

The great revolution of ChatGPT-4O

GPT4-4O is characterized because the basis of their technology is the same, presenting many similarities with the free Copilot or GPT-4 AI. Nevertheless, many internal improvements appear which shows that it is an outstanding and revolutionary evolutionary leap.

It is demonstrated that GPT-4O is capable of taking a graph and analyzing it, giving conclusions related to what appears in the image. You can also solve math problems or analyze photos or screenshots.

Besides, will present a desktop versionso users will not have to access their computer and browser to use it, they will simply be able to do so in a more direct way.

Differences with GPT-4

GPT-4O is a natively multimodal, with low latency and real-time interactions. In this way, your text, audio and image capabilities will significantly improve.

GPT-4O, by reducing its latency, offers almost instant responses. To be more exact, GPT-4 took an average of about five seconds to respond, while the average speed of GPT-40 is 320 milliseconds. However, it will depend at all times on the request that was made.

Regarding your multimodal processingmeans that it will understand both what is written to it by text and the information sent to it by image, audio or video, which means that the way it interacts with AI is very flexible.

Another very notable aspect is that GPT-40 has different tones of voice, to such an extent that he can laugh, sing or show different moods. Thus, when responding with voice, you will express the same emotions, in such a way that it would give the sensation that you are talking to a real person. As if that were not enough, can interpret facial expressions and perform translations simultaneously.

How to access GPT-4O?

To access this new OpenAI tool, it will be enough to be a ChatGPT Plus and Team user, giving priority to paid users, although later it will also reach the rest of the community for free.

Is an iterative releasesince it includes only the news related to the text and the image.

So that, paying users will continue to have multiple benefits– Larger request limit, greater access to real-time voice modes, and an exclusive app for macOS. The objective with this is that, from a keyboard shortcut, ChatGPT-4O becomes the replacement for Siri.

Which model is better?

The answer may be obvious, since GPT-40 has higher performance. It is compatible with GPT-4 models. In addition, GPT-4T is compatible with MMLU (88.7%), GPQA (53.6%), MATH (76.6%), HumanEval (90.2%), MGSM (90.5%), managing to exceed its points of reference. For example, the GPT-4o model has a score of 53.6% on the GPQA benchmark test, while its predecessor, the GPT-4 model, has a score of 35.7%.

The vision capability also demonstrates the superiority of GPT-4O. As the GPT-4 model does not have Vision capabilities, the GPT-4o model is a better choice for visual tasks. However, GPT-4O has higher vision understanding, processing and analysis performance than GPT-4T, which is OpenAI’s large language model with vision capabilities. Similarly, the GPT-4O model can process visual input much faster and generate related outputs than the GPT-4 Turbo model.

What is better GPT-40 was similar not only in the speed of text output, but also in the voice output speed. The output in GPT-40 is 320 seconds, taking into account that a normal person pauses 250,000 seconds to respond in English. Therefore, it is an AI that speaks faster and more fluently than humans themselves.

With respect to training data and web accessthe GPT-40 model has a 128K context window and publicly accessible online data until October 2023. Therefore, the GPT-40 model is not currently prepared to answer current questions, so it will not be practical in tasks related to digital marketing, SEO or rigorous research.

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