Microsoft presents computers and tablets that work with artificial intelligence

Microsoft presents computers and tablets that work with artificial intelligence
Microsoft presents computers and tablets that work with artificial intelligence

Microsoft presented this Monday a new type of computers and tablets, called Copilot+, designed specifically to work with artificial intelligence (AI) systems that improve their speed and provide a service “more individualized and private”the company reported.

These are specifically the Surface laptop model and the Surface Pro convertible tablet, which will go on sale starting at $1,000 with a detachable keyboard and OLED screen, according to the specialized press.

“We are entering this new era in which computers can not only understand us but can actually anticipate what we want and our intention”stated the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadellain a session with journalists ahead of tomorrow’s opening of its annual developers conference.

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Among the new features of Copilot+, the function stands out ‘Recall’which allows the recovery of emails, websites or files that have been previously worked on with data stored directly on the laptop for privacy reasons.

The technology giant also revealed that the possibility of transcribing in real time is offered “any video that plays on the screen” of these terminals.

In addition, the devices automate tasks such as photo editing and language translation, incorporate an updated version of Windows 11, are compatible with the latest version of GPT-4o chat, and improve the connection with the next generation of processors Qualcomm.

The company founded by Bill Gates It thus aims to exploit consumer enthusiasm for AI to boost computer sales after they fell 30% year-on-year last year, according to a study by the firm IDC.

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The company, which plans to export this technology to partners such as HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo or Samsung, plans to market more than 50 million computers of this type in the next twelve months.

This Tuesday, Microsoft inaugurates the 23rd edition of Build, its annual developers conference with which it aims to hit the table and remain at the forefront of AI, after recent announcements from competitors such as Google.

Under the motto ‘How will AI shape your future?’, will offer dozens of sessions for software engineers, various demonstrations and speeches from executives until Thursday at an event held in Seattle (Washington state, USA) and broadcast by ‘streaming’.


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