There could soon be news of the Genshin Impact anime — Kudasai

There could soon be news of the Genshin Impact anime — Kudasai
There could soon be news of the Genshin Impact anime — Kudasai

Exciting news has emerged in the “Genshin Impact“, which reveal that an animated short titled «The Road Not Taken». The announcement has caused a wave of reactions and speculation among fans, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new content.

Although it is not the first time that HoYoverse has released an animated short, this particular reveal focuses on the two protagonists of the game: the twins Aether and Lumina, who until now have never had a special role in the shorts. Information surrounding the short is fairly sparse at the moment, but it is expected to delve into the brothers’ history, detailing their past lives and their mysterious current circumstances.

There is also no additional information yet available on the release date of said short, but it is expected to be published in one or two weeks on the game’s official YouTube channel. While the information is appreciated, the silence surrounding Ufotable’s anime adaptation is certainly disappointing. It has been more than a year since its official announcement, and fans were hoping that there would already be some announcement about it.

It should be noted that the project announced by Ufotable at the time was described as “a long-term collaboration,” and it is understood that this involves the studio also producing several of the Genshin Impact animated shorts. However, the silence about whether there will be an anime series has even been suffocating, since many users on social networks take advantage of the lack of information to launch “false leaks” in order to get interactions.

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