Jason and the first battle pass will be free for those who return to MultiVersus

Jason and the first battle pass will be free for those who return to MultiVersus
Jason and the first battle pass will be free for those who return to MultiVersus

Good news for the widowers of MultiVersus, the online fighting game that returns this May 28 in its final version, sinceThose who participated in the Open Beta period between July 2022 and June 2023 will be able to get the first battle pass of the title completely freewhich will include not only cosmetics but also to the recently announced Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th saga.

Player First Games, the company behind the project, detailed in a post on its development blog what the benefits and changes will be for those who have been patient and are thinking about returning to the game after almost a year of inactivity.

Until June 11, all players who return from the Open Beta and download the game will receive access to the game’s first premium battle pass completely free. This will include as always, many emotes, cosmetics, Gleamium (in-game currency) and characters. In this case, it will be the aforementioned Jason who will be the character of the pass and therefore, It will be unlocked for all those who purchase it, either through this promotion or end up paying.

For all players, both new and old, there will also be a promotion for logging in before June 11, as Completing the tutorial will unlock a seven-day calendar that will allow, by connecting daily, to be able to unlock to the Banana Guard from Adventure Timeanother totally new character for this version.

The company also talked about the changes that the game will have both in its pass and in its economy. The pass, for example, will include more rewards for free users than they had in the beta, while those who pay and reach the end They will be able to collect enough Gleamium to be able to afford the next season.

The company confirmed that This first pass will last 8 weeks and that the last reward will be repeatable, so that it can continue generating profits even if it is completed early.

Another important change will be the appearance of new currencies and tokens within the game, which will completely replace those that existed during the beta. Originally there were two main currencies: Gleamium and Gold. Gleamium is and will continue to be the payment currency, with which transactions will be made to buy battle passes and cosmetics from the store, while gold was used to unlock perks and even characters in some cases.

Now, gold ceased to exist and will be replaced by three different gems: Perk, Fighter and Prestige. Each one will have specific uses, the first to customize your characters’ abilities, the second to unlock characters and the third to unlock cosmetics.

Both Perk money and Fighter money can be obtained through events, fights, but also the battle pass, although it would not be unusual for packs of different currencies to be offered in exchange for real money.

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