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Imagine that you have just bought the first iPhone Apple folding (a lot of speculation about this, but hey…). On your way home from the local Apple Store, your phone slips out of your hands and falls to the floor, causing a small dent in the case. The normal thing is to go back to the store and pay to have it repaired, of course. But in the future there could be another solution: let the phone repairs itself.

Although the previous paragraph paints a very distant picture for Apple’s iPhones taking into account what currently exists, they have recently been discovered some patents published by the Cupertino company that suggest that it does not rule out that its phones in the future – distant, of course – may have the ability to self-repair. Without a doubt, it sounds like a movie. Science fictionboth due to technological advance and the loss of income for the firm led by Tim Cook.

Apple thinks about iPhone repairs

As reported by Patently Apple (which refers to the United States Patent and Trademark Office), they have been officially published 51 new patents from Apple. These cover self-healing properties for future mobile devices. The technology in question involves a layer of very specific material for which there is no information on the composition and which could cover the entire screen of a device – or just a specific region that is more susceptible to breakage. A curiosity: the heat It would be the energy source used to complete the processes.

Foldable Apple iPhone repairable materialPatently Apple

Data suggests Apple could finally launch a foldable iPhone in the next years (something that is not far-fetched and is constantly talked about). In doing so, it would compete with future versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, Google’s Pixel Fold and similar phones already on the market. Despite offering improvements from generation to generation, these devices are more prone to screen problems because they are thinner than those found on more traditional smartphones. And this is where Apple’s patents come into play.

Something different would be achieved

A self-repairing iPhone certainly sounds futuristic… However, this concept has been tried before. In 2013, for example, LG introduced a self-healing backplate on its LG G Flex curved phone, designed to repair minor scratches over time. And, the truth is that it did not work badly considering the technological restrictions that existed at that time. Therefore, what the bitten apple firm would do, if necessary, would be to go one step further.

New LG G Flex 2 mobile phone during its presentation at the Digital Experience event at the CES consumer electronics fair, in Las Vegas, Nevada (United States)Britta Pedersen (EFE)

It remains to be seen whether Apple will ever implement self-healing features in future products. Like other technology companies, Apple often files and obtains patents for innovations that never see the light of day. But the idea is there, and at the least it attracts attention. And furthermore, all this only fuels the idea that, sooner or later, this company will launch a phone with a folding screen on the market.

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