NIIRA: New smart glasses to improve orientation and navigation for the visually impaired

NIIRA smart glasses. (Source: Sensotec)

Eyesynth and Sensotec have partnered to present a new smart wearable specially designed and equipped for visually impaired users. This new type of glasses is touted to guide and inform the user while on the go with AI-generated “intuitive auditory cues.” NIIRA glasses support bone conduction audio and cameras for 3D perception.

The NIIRA smart glasses incorporate cameras and audio bone conduction like many of their rivals in the general market such as the XREAL Air 2 Pro that appears on Amazon; However, these new glasses are touted as being powered by AI that converts what you ‘see’ into natural sound signals (hopefully in a way superior to that of the Rabbit out of the box).

They are apparently tonal rather than verbal, but are supported to act as an easy-to-learn form of aural ARque.”train” the user to avoid obstacles, anticipate interactions with certain AI-identifiable objects, and generally stay safe while moving.

As a result, the European manufacturers of NIIRA glasses claim that the wearer will feel more confident when facing the “real world”… although it would be surprising if their counterparts don’t start supporting similar accessibility features over time.

However, Sensotec plans to make the NIIRA glasses available now having been demonstrated at the recent SightCity 2024 convention in Frankfurt, Germany.

The NIIRA glasses in profile. (Source: Sensotec)
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