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The end of Windows 10 is getting closer. The operating system will stop receiving security updates at the end of 2025, which will affect hundreds of millions of users. Microsoft has updated its support website to inform users about what this change means.

“After October 14, 2025, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for Windows 10. Your PC will still work, but we recommend upgrading to Windows 11”, Microsoft mentions in its statement. The support website now includes three tabs for versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, with instructions for migrating to Windows 11.

Extended Security Update (ESU)

Those who want security updates after the deadline will have to pay. The Extended Security Update (ESU) program will offer critical Windows 10 updates in exchange for a membership, the price of which will double each year. This program is aimed at enterprise customers, so end consumers will need to install Windows 11.

Impact on Microsoft 365 and Office 2021

Microsoft 365 apps will also lose support on Windows 10 after the deadline. This is because the operating system will no longer meet the minimum requirements for these applications. The only alternative will be to upgrade to Windows 11 or install Office 2021.

Microsoft wants you to forget about Windows 10

Microsoft refers to Windows 10 as “the old version of Windows” that will no longer receive Windows Update updates, technical support or security fixes. The company warns that, although your computer will continue to function, “you will be at greater risk of contracting viruses and malware.”

Windows 10 adoption rate

The decision to end support for Windows 10 should not be surprising. Applications have a shelf life and all previous versions of Windows expired at some point. This practice also applies to mobile devices with iOS and Android, which receive security patches and updates to new versions of the operating system for a limited time.

The problem with Windows 10 is that it is the version of Windows with the highest adoption rate. According to figures from Statcounter, Windows 10 reached 70.03% of global market share in April 2024, while Windows 11 lost 1.03% of users in the same period.

Challenges to upgrade to Windows 11

People are still on Windows 10 and haven’t upgraded to Windows 11. Illustration via Dall-E

Despite Microsoft’s attempts, many users cannot update their computers to Windows 11 due to high hardware requirements and compatibility with some programs. In addition, the company has compromised the user experience to integrate artificial intelligence.

Microsoft is launching a more aggressive campaign with full-screen ads on Windows 10, regardless of whether the PC is compatible. These measures are likely to intensify in the coming months, as there is no indication that Microsoft will extend the date. Some organizations have asked Microsoft to reconsider its decision, as millions of computers could become obsolete and become electronic waste.

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