The novelty that surprises WhatsApp users: “I was amazed”

The novelty that surprises WhatsApp users: “I was amazed”
The novelty that surprises WhatsApp users: “I was amazed”
Luis Miguel Mora

05/25/2024 at 18:15


Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. In 2024 it has more 2 billion active users worldwide, a figure that highlights the importance of the application in our daily lives. That is why all its updates create a great stir among its users, due to the importance or not they may have.

Recently, Whatsapp has introduced a shortcut to improve the creation of our own stickers, and also a new button to speed up the message forwarding process. All these developments are aimed at improve user experience and make the Accessibility of the application is easier.

New colors

Now, WhatsApp is going to give joy to all users: It will allow you to change the color of the interface. This new feature will allow you to select from a variety of colors to modify the appearance of the interface, including the background of conversations, buttons, and other visual elements.

With this improvement, WhatsApp is on par to other competing applications, like Telegram, which has long allowed its users to manually customize the appearance of the application. Whatsapp has always been criticized for its conservatism when it comes to customizing the interface.

At the moment it is only a beta

However, this update is in beta phase and is still It is not available to all users. At the moment, it is unknown when it will be launched in its open application.

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