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How to create a profile photo for WhatsApp with AI

How to create a profile photo for WhatsApp with AI
How to create a profile photo for WhatsApp with AI


In the last weeks, WhatsApp It did not stop updating itself with notable new features such as a complete redesign of its interface, both on Android and iOS, and the inclusion of a new category filtering function in the channel search directory, something that makes them easy to find.

But, the improvements of the social messaging network did not stop there, since WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow its users to create unique profile photos using artificial intelligence generative.

WhatsApp joined artificial intelligence for a new user experience

After implementing stickers with artificial intelligence, it was time to take another big step and from WABetaInfo they made known the version that the messaging app is implementing. This new feature will allow all users to have a more creative profile photo.

WhatsApp will soon include a new option called ‘create an AI profile picture’, which can create a completely personalized image, Simply writing the description you want it to have in the search box and pressing the green button that appears on the right side will start the creation process.

Thanks to this new feature, users of this messaging service will no longer waste time looking for the perfect photo, because the AI ​​will be in charge of creating one in a matter of seconds, and not only this also, it will allow you to protect your privacy as you will not have the need to share your real portrait.

They exist to test and evaluate new features before the official release of a function and thus see what is failing or what needs to be corrected, before it reaches the original version as they are:

AI can now be used in WhatsApp (Unsplash Photo)

These tests allow developers release more stable, polished and bug-free updates to the general public.


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