Microsoft told us that Recall would only work on the new Copilot+ PCs. Someone just activated it on a regular computer

Microsoft is working to turn Windows 11 into a supervitamined operating system with artificial intelligence (AI). The Redmond company has announced an avalanche of new functions, among which Recall stands out, a kind of “photographic memory” that aims to help us find or remember anything we have done.

Recall is presented as one of the most notable Windows novelties in years. However, it will not be available to everyone. The company led by Satya Nadella explains that in order to use Recall we will have to have a Copilot+ type computer. In other words, our hardware must include an NPU of at least 45 TOPS.

Recall can probably work on your computer too

This scenario is quite particular. Even if you have recently invested in a high end PC, presumably with the new Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) or AMD Ryzen 8000 chips with NPUs, you are not in a position to receive the latest Windows AI capabilities. The solution, according to Microsoft, is to buy a new computer.

In fact, the only computers compatible with Copilot+ at this time are those with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Series heart. Now, someone has managed to make Recall work on hardware without NPU, that is, without meeting the minimum requirements demanded by Microsoft to deploy its latest AI innovations.

The discovery comes from Albacore. He is a well-known software enthusiast who often discovers interesting things such as the possible redesign of the Start menu of Windows 11. In this case, you have enabled Recall on a “current generation ARM64” computer. This is a configuration without a Snapdragon X Series in sight.

Windows Recall 4
Windows Recall 4

As he explains in a publication, this enthusiast was not able to do a test on x86 architecture computers with Intel or AMD processors. The reason is that Microsoft only released Arm64 compatible packages. Albacore points out, however, that Recall should also work on these types of computers, although he cannot test it now.

The big question is why Microsoft would have decided to limit Recall support. If it is for performance reasons, it could at least be available as optional. We certainly don’t have an answer to this, but we can note that the company is trying to push Copilot+ to rival the Apple Silicon proposals.

Apple is about to introduce its own AI revolution. Probably all you do is catch up

At this time there is a fairly extensive catalog of equipment from brands such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung that have the Copilot+ surname. When turning on the computer for the first time, Windows 11 will ask users if they want to activate Recall and, if they do, they will find it in the taskbar.

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