Gamer finds a PC with an RTX 4060 on sale, but his wife won’t let him buy it because they are saving money

Have you seen the movie 300, especially that part where Leonidas, before starting the war with a kick and shouting that iconic phrase, looks back for his wife’s approval? Well, that’s what a player tried when he saw a PC with an Nvidia RTX 4060 and on sale at a price of just $700, but unlike that Spartan, his wife told him NO.

The story was shared by the gamer himself on Reddit, where he said that in a Costco supermarket, where in addition to the usual products from those stores they sell electronic items, he found this PC at an attractive price. Especially for the GPU, which as I said is an RTX 4060, which costs around $300 dollars. But unfortunately, the gamer had to put his dream of a new gaming PC on hold. His wife did not agree to the purchase and for good reasons.

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The complete configuration of the PC is: Processor: Intel i5-13400F, Graphics card: Nvidia RTX 4060 8GB, RAM: 32 GB DDR5, Storage: 2TB SSD and also comes with a keyboard and mouse. But unfortunately for this gamer husband, his wife did not leave him since, according to the same thread, the couple is expecting a second child and is close to finalizing the purchase of a home. In this situation, investing in new technology is, of course, not a priority.

Among the responses to his story, some players called for seeking some kind of consensus with his wife, saying: “I’m not part of the ‘tall man and don’t listen to your wife’ group and obviously consulting her about a somewhat important purchase is reasonable, but maybe aggressively explain to him that it’s almost a good deal?”, leaving as an argument that perhaps, “$700 dollars is considerable,” but that the offer was quite good and a considerable savings.

While others were obviously joking about the situation, saying “RIP, that’s a lot” or being somewhat annoying by asking: “Will it let you get your balls back?” While another, much more clever one says: “Damn, it seems like your wife is the bottleneck. Maybe you want to improve the wife first.”

In any case, the player himself highlights that the decision against the gaming PC was made together with his wife, saying that in the end it was not just her who refused, since she respects and recognizes the responsibility they have as a family.

Player tries to sell a “new” PC that he has never used and that he has had “for some time”, with a 32MB TNT Riva 2 inside that is 25 years old

In an anecdote that has generated a lot of jokes and laughter in the PC community on Reddit, a user shared the offer that a client made him, thinking that he was giving him a piece of equipment with cutting-edge technology. According to what he says in his post, this person had just brought him a personalized PC saying: “It’s brand new, I had it for a while but I never used it,” but he ended up discovering that it was a computer with, for example, a 32MB nVidia TNT Riva 2 , graphics card from 25 years ago.

For younger PC gamers or those who have been users of this platform for decades without being advanced hardware experts, we tell you that the Riva TNT was launched on the market on October 12, 1999, becoming an emblematic graphics card of its time. Built on a 250 nm manufacturing process and based on the NV5 graphics processor, its TNT2 variant offered support for DirectX 6.0, AGP 4X and 32 MB of VRAM. Hardware that stood out in the world of PC gaming in the late 90s, but has obsolete technology for current games.

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