eat stones and pizza with glue

eat stones and pizza with glue
eat stones and pizza with glue

From eating stones to putting glue on pizza. It is becoming a viral challenge on social networks to find bugs in Google Overview, a new feature of Google’s AI for searches, only available in the United States, which shows that this new function needs to be more reliable before reaching the public. The possibility of obtaining many visits on social networks has even led some users to falsify search results.

In one of the most famous searches, a user was looking for how to get cheese to stick to his pizza and the algorithm found an ironic joke in a Reddit post from 11 years ago that suggested putting glue on it. The AI ​​did not distinguish the meaning of the publication nor did it assess that the suggestion was nonsense

Another user shared false and very dangerous information, which attributed to scientists that “staring at the sun for 5-15 minutes, or up to 30 minutes if you have darker skin, is generally safe and provides the greatest health benefits.” . In another nonsense, Overview recommended a user “eat at least one small rock a day,” because “rocks are a vital source of minerals and vitamins,” and a collaborator Barack Obama found as a result of Google AI that this former president of America was Muslim.

The crazy responses are numerous, but not everything that has been published is true. Some people have gone so far as to manipulate search results, Google alleges, such as one about depression that suggested jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which is about 75 meters high, as a remedy. Google spokespersons in the United States have pointed out to several of the media outlets that have echoed all these nonsense that the company is already working to eliminate this type of incorrect results.

Google is obliged to present new developments in generative AI while OpenAI’s alliance with Microsoft – and perhaps in a couple of weeks also with Apple – provides strong competition. Google is the king of search, used by about 2 billion people, but AI could transform that. Some publications suggest that OpenAI is working on a search engine. In fact, Microsoft has also linked its own, Bing, to the capabilities of ChatGPT.

Rushing has a cost. In February 2023, during the presentation of Google’s Bard AI conversational chat, he offered incorrect information about the James Webb Space Telescope and the company lost $100 billion in stock valuation.

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