the great free application that you don’t know

the great free application that you don’t know
the great free application that you don’t know

Mobile phones have the capacity to cover a wide range of uses. You can edit a PDF document, edit photography or video, and also have the possibility of playing quite powerful titles on a graphical level. However, both in Spain and in any other country, The computer continues to be the favorite device to work with.

Its power, as well as the wide range of work applications available for download, make it the ideal device. However, there are times when You only carry your cell phone with you and depend on this device to do some tasks. Luckily, it is possible to connect it to the computer and remotely view its screen and even control it.

There are a large number of valid applications for this use, and one of them is Parsec. It has the advantage that it can also be used to play, and is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, covering the possibilities of a wide number of users. A good alternative are also services like Shadow, which allows you to connect to computers offered by the company, in case you don’t want or can’t use your own.

A good experience

One of the most important aspects when using a remote desktop view with your computer is that it can be operated fluidly. Whatever application you need to use, if every time you move the mouse it is not possible to clearly see where it is going, it will be difficult to control what you are doing. In this case, the app can boast of offering great performance, since allows you to enjoy good precision when touching the screen.

In order to use the application it is necessary to download it to the computer and the mobile phone or tablet that will be used to control it. You will have to log in to both with the same user and then connect both. Within the application settings you can control things such as the bandwidth limit it has to operate, the resolution at which the content is viewed or even if you want a constant frame rate per second.


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The Free Android

There is an options section in both the mobile application and the computer application, so there are a few sections to modify the operation of the app. In case the remote control that has been connected to the mobile or tablet is not detected correctly, it will be possible to manually map all the buttons so that it works exactly as it should.

In order to carry out complex tasks from a mobile phone, the screen size may represent a certain limit when it comes to using touch controls, although from a tablet things change quite a bit, since It’s practically like having a miniature computer.. You can connect any of these devices to a keyboard for a while to considerably improve the experience.

Free and ready to play

In addition to being free, one of its greatest virtues is that it offers great performance and fluidity when playing, something that not all remote desktop platforms achieve. With Parsec It will be possible to start any game that we have installed on the computer and play it from a mobile phone or tablet, being able to control it by connecting a remote control to the device.

The commands from the controller will be transmitted directly to the game as if it were connected to the computer itself. Of course, it will be necessary to have a good connection to enjoy the best experience, since otherwise we will notice a input lag pretty big. In any case, The app will show a connection and even a performance notice if they detect that the operation is being limited by any of these two factors.

Keep in mind that it will be quite difficult to play online games, since you can see a small delay in the transmission, so it is more recommended for games with story mode. In these, everything that happens can be perfectly controlled, although in the tests we have carried out we have been able to appreciate some delays at specific times.

Even so, it is highly recommended to be able to use the computer we have at home remotely, as long as it is turned on and the Parsec service running. The ideal is to use it on a tablet due to its good screen size, it adapts perfectly to the size of a smartphone.

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