Dragon Quest III remake could be a trilogy

Dragon Quest III remake could be a trilogy
Dragon Quest III remake could be a trilogy

Dragon Quest HD-2D should be released next year according to a well-known leaker

Dragon Quest III is a legendary video game within Square Enix

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Square Enix recently announced that they are going to change your strategy for future releasesso it can be expected that what is yet to come will come out on as many consoles as possible, including within this formula the HD-2D remake that is being made of Dragon Quest IIIwhich, although it has not given new details for years since its presentation in 2021, it is possible that it will soon present new information.

Under this premise, although there is nothing official currently, the truth is that during these days it has been the 38th anniversary of Dragon Quest in commemoration of the launch of the first video game in Japan, which has made it possible not only to talk about the development status of Dragon Quest To be very brief, it has caused many to begin theorizing that It is a remake of a trilogy.

The Dragon Quest HD-2D remake could be one of the first three titles in the franchise

Through a post on Twitter on the official Dragon Quest account, a brief 20-second preview has been released in which title logo shown and the platforms it will reach, these being PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox**. However, the striking thing came when the same tweet came with the message of The legend of Erdrick is approaching and the fact that Dragon Quest III was not mentioned in the tweet.

In this way, knowing that only the logo has been shown, many have begun to theorize that the remake will finally be a trilogy which will include the first three games of the Dragon Quest franchise, which, in essence, have Erdrick either as the protagonist or as their ancestor, with a great narrative importance in the first two installmentswhich has led many to this possibility:

It should be noted that leaker Midori has also mentioned that development no longer refers to this video game as Dragon Quest IIIso we will be waiting to learn new information, since there are strong rumors that will be shown at the Nintendo Direct this coming month of June.

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