More than half plan to switch to a mobile phone from another brand, according to a survey

More than half plan to switch to a mobile phone from another brand, according to a survey
More than half plan to switch to a mobile phone from another brand, according to a survey
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Despite having created one of the most complete phones that we can find on the current market, which has also been crowned the best smartphone of the year at the MWC 2024 awards, not everything is good news for the Mountain View company. According to a survey, most Pixel users would switch brands with their next purchase.

The growth that the Google Pixel has had in 2023 has been brutal, becoming the third best-selling mobile phones in Japan and surpassing one of the Asian brands par excellence by a significant margin: Samsung. However, it seems that their fight to take more and more market share from Apple and Samsung is not enough, because their main concern lies in the little loyalty of its users to the brand.

57% of Google Pixel users would switch brands the next time they bought a smartphone

According to a survey conducted by Statista Consumer Insights, the statistics portal that conducts market and opinion research, current Pixel users are not very satisfied with their devices. Specifically, only a few 25% of people with a Pixel would continue betting on Google, while a gigantic 57% of users would switch to a mobile phone from another brand.

Stocklytics Google Pixel Loyalty Chart

Pixel phone loyalty survey / Image: Stocklytics

In this graph shared by Stocklytics, you can clearly see the loyalty problem that Google smartphones are suffering from. The survey, conducted with almost 10,000 users in the United States, asks how likely they are to change the brand of their current smartphone on the next possible occasion, and the Mountain View technology giant is the one that comes out worst off.

The results are quite discouraging for Google, which has also just launched the economical version of its latest series, the Pixel 8a, especially if we compare the data with the two big names in the telephone market. As you can see in the image statistics, Google has 23% more dissatisfied users than Apple and Samsungwhich also share the same percentage of dissatisfied users: 34% willing to change brands.

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