Dinosaur with arms smaller than the legendary Tyrannosaurus rex discovered

Dinosaur with arms smaller than the legendary Tyrannosaurus rex discovered
Dinosaur with arms smaller than the legendary Tyrannosaurus rex discovered

The Patagonia region revealed a new prehistoric predator, the Koleken inakayali. This dinosaur had even tinier arms than Tyrannosaurus rex.

70 million years ago, he Koleken inakayali, a prehistoric carnivore roamed prehistoric Patagonia for several million years, near the end of the age of the dinosaurs. While searching for new dinosaur fossils in the La Colonia Formation of Argentina, scientists discovered the remains of this predator with arms smaller than those of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

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The tiny arms of the Koleken inakayali

A 3D reconstruction of Koleken inakayali. Credits: Gabriel Díaz Yantén via CONICET.

The discovery of this dinosaur in what is now the Argentine province of Chubut It started with a claw, later the Researchers found a partial skeleton that includes several skull bones, a nearly complete set of back bones, a hip, several tail bones and complete legs. The new species was baptized as Koleken inakayalia short-snouted carnivorous abelisaurid.

“The name Koleken comes from the language of the Tehuelches and means that it comes from clay and water, referring to the fact that the sediments in which the fossil remains were found were clays deposited in an estuary 69 million years ago. The name inakayali pays tribute to the Tehuelche chief Inakayal,” explained Diego Pol, paleontologist at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences “Bernardino Rivadavia.”

The region where they found the dinosaur is extremely rich in fossil remains. Koleken inakayali became the second abelisaurid that lived in this area near the end of the age of dinosaurs. The researchers believe that The body of this predator was transported by a river to an estuarywhere he was buried.

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The impressive finds in Patagonia

The abelisaurids They had ridiculous arms, even compared to tyrannosaursPol explained to National Geographic. These carnivores had enormous bones in their shoulders but extremely short arms with multiple small fingers“clearly useless in any form of prey capture” and yet quite flexible.

Patagonia has been a source of important prehistoric discoveries. In this place in South America they have been found fossils of huge sauropods such as Titanomachya gimenezi or the Patagotitan mayorum, and fearsome carnivores such as the Taurovenator violantei and Aoniraptor libertatem. Now, to this list is added the Koleken inakayali.

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