Three Nintendo classics are returning for 3DS and Gamecube, do you know which ones?

Three Nintendo classics are returning for 3DS and Gamecube, do you know which ones?
Three Nintendo classics are returning for 3DS and Gamecube, do you know which ones?

When we decided to buy a console Nintendo We must always accept two realities that are strictly fulfilled. On the one hand, we are going to enjoy exclusive sagas that no one has anywhere else, and on the other, many years after one of these classics is released we will be able to continue buying it in the digital store without problems. And that will happen now with three great classics 3DS and Game Cube.

Furthermore, in the case of the laptop with 3D screens, it is the case that just a few weeks ago the Japanese decided to definitively close any possibility of accessing their online ecosystem, completely turning off any possibility of entering the store and continuing to acquire old jewels. of the crown. So this information is a ray of hope for lovers of the legendary console (well, not so much).

Nintendo 3DS and Gamecube back on Switch

As we told you, there are three titles that are being speculated in the last few hours that are going to reach nintendo switch from the depths of the Nintendo 3DS and Gamecube catalogs. The laptop ones are rumored to be Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worldswhile in the part of Game Cube the thing will have to do with the arrogant The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker.

At the moment this is information that I would have to confirm. Nintendo in one of his next Direct, so we must leave what we know within the realm of speculation. Still, what are the chances that something like this will end up happening? Well, in some cases it does seem more feasible than in others, as is the case of Super Mario 3D Land that, in some way, we already have it in switch along with the famous Bowser’s Fury.

Still, don’t think that’s a reason to stop Nintendowhich has a long history of adaptations and recovery work on classics in HD for the greater glory of its own coffers, which are the ones that benefit from this constant coming and going of titles over the decades.

The return of Wind Waker, the best

In any case, if the two Nintendo 3DS cartridges are great news, the most important is The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. The game that appeared in 2003 for Gamecube is one of the most requested by fans because, not in vain, it is considered one of the best in all of history. In addition, it so happens that it had a remastering for Wii U and many still do not understand why it has not yet set foot on Switch.

In this case, we would be happy if this prediction came true and if the Japanese started selling a remake although they don’t change much from the classic. Just remapping the gamepad buttons and having the graphics advance as far as switch is able to show. Which is enough to enjoy one of the greatest adventures ever created. Link.

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