The foldable iPhone is moving away again

We’ve been hearing about it for years. future foldable iPhone, without a doubt the most anticipated mobile among all those that we could meet in the coming years. And despite the good times these types of phones are going through, Apple is still not betting on them, five years after the first one, launched by Samsung, was released. A few weeks ago we knew of a roadmap that set the launch of the foldable iPhone in 2026, but it seems that now it is a little further away, and we will have to wait for it again.

When would it finally come out?

It was in a TrendForce report that we learned that Apple is still evaluating different aspects of foldable phones, such as the specifications and performance of its components, and the strict folding and reliability requirements, literally how they define the situation of the foldable. And it seems that, although Apple has been working on this type of mobile for years, still faces many doubts in this regard. And from this consultancy They do not expect the launch of this foldable to arrive before 2027a year after what had been rumored.

And it is that resistance is one of the thorniest aspects of folding mobiles. Although those of us who have one of these devices know that, with the necessary protection, they are mobile phones as resistant as any other, the folding screen, the hinges and dust can be great enemies of this type of device. And it seems that Apple is in that situation where it still does not feel confident enough to offer a user experience at the level of its standards, which do not necessarily have to be more demanding than those of Samsung, for example.

And of course, one of the big problems behind folding ones is found in the central fold that remains on the screen when it is open, something that, although from the front it is not noticeable at all, and does not affect the user experience, visually it is something that many do not like. It may be that Apple is working on a folding mobile phone that does away with that fold and is even more resistant, of course if so it could be a somewhat utopian movement on the part of the Californians, since it could become quite a chimera.

For some reason it doesn’t help Apple to launch a foldable like everyone else’s, like Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo, which have already had extraordinary models on the market for years. If Apple hopes to launch a foldable that does not have folds on its screen, we should say goodbye to these phones for quite some time, since at the moment this technology is very far from putting an end to that fold, which, on the other hand, does not represent any drama for those of us who have one of these phones. In any case, we have to wait a little longer, and it is likely that before we will meet the hybrid of iPad Pro and folding MacBook, which certainly seems closer in time.

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