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On a day like today, but 40 years ago, what is perhaps the most popular video game in history: Tetris. An engineer from the Soviet Union, named Alexey Pajitnov, created it to be able to fill the downtime at work and prevent him from dying of boredom. Four decades later, it is one of the few titles that can afford to say that it has been on absolutely all platforms.

You played it on Nintendo, in the game boyin the Chinese imitations of the Game Boy, in the PlayStation, in tablets, cell phones and of course, in its original platform, the PC.

The 40 years of Tetris are celebrated because this video game was marketed in such a way that countless versions were released.

Many of them did not become so popular, but others did. In any case, what we are going to see today are strange versions of Tetris. Developments in which the blocks were other things or there were themes that differ greatly from the original idea, but that always maintain the base.

The three strangest versions of Tetris

  • Tetrisphere: Released for the Nintendo 64, Tetrisphere is truly strange. It completely abandoned the 2D mode and with the intention of taking advantage of the innovative graphics of the 64-Bit console, the first of its kind, they made this three-dimensional version. The gameplay is very different from classic Tetris, as it involves moving around a sphere and destroying blocks in a 3D environment.
  • Hatris: a crazy beautiful beauty. It was created by the same original author, Alexey Pajitnov. Her name tells us everything Hat tris. This video game replaces the classic blocks with hats, which you must arrange as they fall on the characters’ heads. Is incredible.
  • Henk Rogers’ Tetris: The Soviet Mind Game: If we talk about tense things, there is this version of Tetris, which is practically the same thing that we have always been playing, but with Soviet themes, such as music and colors related to the political thought of the extinct empire that ruled from Moscow.
Soviet Tetris
Soviet Tetris
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