“Viper Commandos” War Bonus Arrives June 13 » Hero Network

“Viper Commandos” War Bonus Arrives June 13 » Hero Network
“Viper Commandos” War Bonus Arrives June 13 » Hero Network

The players of helldivers 2 They are in luck. The next June 13th the long-awaited war bonus arrivesViper Commandos“, which promises to revolutionize games with new and exciting additions. This pack is designed to enhance the gaming experience, ensuring that each mission is more interesting and challenging.

Equipment to Survive in the Jungle

To confront the feared terminids and continue distributing supervised democracy throughout the galaxy, the helldivers They will need the best equipment. The new war bonus includes weapons and armor ideal for any type of threat.

Weapons and Armor in Viper Commandos

  • AR-23A Liberator Carbine: An improved and more manageable version of the beloved Liberator. Although it has a little more recoil, its reduced size allows for faster handling.
  • Buschwacker SG-22: A sawed-off shotgun with two firing modes: one or three cartridges at a time. Perfect to smell democracy in the morning.

The new armor, inspired by the most expert soldiers on the battlefield, will be available in the store:

  • Predator PH-9: Inspired by a Viper Commando veteran who, according to stories, stopped an entire colony of terminids with only a machine gun, a knife, and an orbital laser.
  • Twigsnapper PH-202: Ideal for entering the deep jungle and which combines perfectly with the Executioner’s Shawl cape. You can mix and match different parts of these two kits to suit any situation.

Patterns, power-ups and more

In addition to weapons and armor, this war bonus includes new skins for your Hellpods, exosuits and Pelican-1, all inspired by classic forest camouflage patterns. For experts, throwing knives have been added, ideal when you run out of bullets. There’s also a new buff called Experimental Infusion, which increases your movement speed and reduces damage taken for a short time.

Below, we share the promotional video:

helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This video game arrived for the platforms of PlayStation 5 and PCthrough Steamand was released last February 8, 2024.

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