The new Vision Pro system brings an impressive dual virtual 4K curved monitor

The new Vision Pro system brings an impressive dual virtual 4K curved monitor
The new Vision Pro system brings an impressive dual virtual 4K curved monitor

The Vision Pro operating system receives its first major update, correcting deficiencies in the previous version and providing more versatility

June 10, 2024, 7:21 p.m.

Updated June 10, 2024, 20:05

A year after announcing the Vision Pro, which has only been in a single market for four months, Apple has made public the first major update to visionOS, its operating system, as the first announcement of WWDC 2024.

Because it is important. Augmented reality is Apple’s great strategic bet, and the Vision Pro operating system is essential for its future. The first version dazzled us, but it also showed seams typical of a first release that needed to be corrected.

What’s new. visionOS 2 adds some interesting features:

  • Photos. The photos we have already taken can now be automatically converted to space photos, with visual depth, to add that immersive experience similar to that of space videos.
  • SharePlay It can also be used remotely to view photo slideshows with another person who is far away. This means that we can use the People application for this.
  • More gestures with our hands. You can raise your hand and touch to open the home screen, or rotate your hand to see the time and battery. One more touch and you will see the Control Center appear and quick access to your notifications.
  • The expanded Mac screen grows. It is made ultra-panoramic to cover a much larger field of view, equivalent to two 4K monitors in parallel.
  • Travel mode comes to the train. Until now it was only available for the plane. It is the mode that deactivates some sensors in order to function correctly, since movement can disrupt the space perceived by the Vision Pro and the position of the floating windows.
  • Mouse support. Until now there was only support for external keyboards, but now the cursor is here.
  • New environment: Bora Bora. Another possibility to add to the background of our field of vision if we prefer a virtual, non-augmented experience.
  • HealthKit. Another “must” from the first visionOS: now ‘Health’ comes to the Vision Pro.
  • ‘Guest’ mode memory. A common complaint is beginning to be remedied; it will no longer be necessary to calibrate the guest using the Vision Pro over and over again.
  • AirPlay Receiver. Like the Apple TV or the Mac, the Vision Pro can also receive a video signal via AirPlay from other devices.
  • Custom Home Screen Order. It was not something that could be done, but now a strange deficiency is corrected.

One of the most interesting new features is possibly the expanded Mac monitor. It was a small deficiency of visionOS in its first version, as it only showed the expanded desktop, without the possibility of even adding a second desktop.

At the moment the use of multiple windows is not allowed, but a double 4K is allowed, which makes this option much more interesting on a productive level.

Canon and Blackmagic, new allies. On the one hand, Canon is going to launch a special lens for space video recording with the Vision Pro in mind, something that will arrive “this fall.”

On the other hand, BlackMagic will also launch cameras and software prepared for immersive video editing. Apple thus ensures that it has strategic partners to take its latest flagship product further.

When is visionOS 2 released?. Nobody knows, Apple has not communicated it and, if it repeats what it has been doing for years, it will not say it until early September.

When it presents the new iPhones, if it repeats the usual cycle, it will announce the specific dates of each new operating system. Until then, a new beta every two weeks is what we can expect.

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