Player buys an “8K gaming graphics card” offer for $100, and when tested with Cyberpunk 2077 it did not give more than 1 FPS

The world of technology is full of attractive promisesbut not all turn out to be what they seem. In a market flooded with tempting offers and products that promise the best in terms of performance and price, consumers should be cautious when making purchases, especially on e-commerce platforms like

An example of this was the bitter discovery of a YouTuber when he decided to acquire a supposed high end graphics card at a considerably low price in

He YouTuber “Dawid Does Tech Stuff” recently uploaded a video announcing their new acquisition, a new “8K gaming graphics card” for just 100 dollars, which was purchased through Wish. What seemed like a tempting offer quickly turned into a disappointing experience when he discovered that the card did not live up to the promised expectations.

Initially, the “8K gaming graphics card” seemed to be a bargain, offering impressive capabilities at a very attractive price. However, once the YouTuber received and tested the cardit became clear that I wasn’t up to par of the promises made by the seller.

To their disappointment, the card failed to provide a acceptable performance in demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077 either “The last of us”with a frame rate per second (FPS) limited to only 1. It turned out that the card was actually a Radeon RX 580an outdated graphics card dating back to 2018 and which was originally intended for the Chinese market.

This incident raised important questions about the Importance of quality and reliability when purchasing computer hardwareas well as the need to research when searching for products through reputable and reliable sources.

This experience serves as a reminder that, in the world of technology, price often reflects qualityand offers that are too good to be true can result in costly disappointments.

Player asks for help after his gaming PC fogged up and accumulated moisture inexplicably

A concerned user had to take to the Reddit community after noticing that his gaming PC, equipped with a liquid cooling system, started to fog up excessively.

The transparent panels of the case were covered in moisture dropswhich caused concern about possible damage to the equipment, so the community of computer enthusiasts came together to offer explanations and reassure the user.

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