Hairegen: The laser roller for hair stimulation with a full guarantee!

Hairegen: The laser roller for hair stimulation with a full guarantee!
Hairegen: The laser roller for hair stimulation with a full guarantee!

Hairegen, the innovative hair stimulation device has arrived in Chile and promises to change the lives of those who fight against incipient baldness of genetic origin. This is a laser roller that combines the most advanced technology with the boldest promise: “If your hair doesn’t grow, we’ll refund your money.”.

This device uses copper and zinc tips to deliver electrical microcurrents and low-level laser light, stimulating the scalp and combating androgenic alopecia by addressing hormonal alterations, low blood circulation and cellular aging.

Nimrod Mor, the first user in Chile, noticed significant results in just eight weeks of use, and that is why, together with Jaime Cohen, they decided to bring this technology from Europe to benefit more people in Chile.

The device must be used for at least five minutes, five times a week, and has software that verifies proper use, thus ensuring the validity of the money-back guarantee.

With a regular price of $1,450,000, you can now take advantage of an exclusive Father’s Day discount of 32%, leaving the final value at $989,990. Besides, If you are a subscriber member of Club La Tercera, you will obtain an additional benefit of $50,000 on the value final using the coupon LATERCERA in its website.

Trust and smart investment

Since its launch, no returns received, which reflects the trust and satisfaction of customers. The red light emitted by the Hairegen laser not only stimulates hair growth, but also has anti-inflammatory effects, improving hair health comprehensively.

With Hairegen you are investing in a more economical and effective solution than other hair treatments. Furthermore, the current promotion makes this investment even more accessible. Do not lose this opportunity…Start your treatment and see the results!

This offer is exclusive for members of Club La Tercera.

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