The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra goes for the Apple Watch Ultra also in the price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra goes for the Apple Watch Ultra also in the price
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra goes for the Apple Watch Ultra also in the price

The Korean manufacturer does not want to give ground in the wearables segment, and that is why it is now finalizing the development of a new high-end model, a true flagship, that is capable of competing head-to-head with a watch that has been practically alone in this segment among the large technology companies, such as the Apple Watch Ultra. The Californians’ watch has a very high price, practically that of an iPhone 15, and now we know that Samsung’s could also compete with it in this price range, so it is clear that the Koreans are determined to attack this range in the coming months.

This would be the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

And now the cost that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra would have when it hits the market has been leaked, and although it will not exceed that of Apple, it will be quite close, perhaps to also compete in price in this segment. Specifically, the information that comes from China thanks to 91Mobiles, suggests that this watch It will cost between 700 and 710 dollars in the United States.

This is a more affordable price than the $800 that its Apple rival costs, but it is a large price increase compared to the other Galaxy Watch, even compared to the Pro, which cost about 200 or 300 dollars less. So this model will be more than twice as expensive as the standard Galaxy Watch model. And it will almost quadruple the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE presented last week as the most affordable option when it comes to getting one of these watches.

What are you going to offer for this price?

Well, it is evident that The improvements should be notable to justify this high price. In the case of this new Samsung watch, it is expected to have a lot of resistance, with a military-grade MIL-STD-810H certification, as well as IP68, to be able to submerge it for a long time in water, and also be resistant to dust in its maximum degree. Plus, it will have a much larger battery.

This will have a capacity of 590mAh, which will allow it to be kept on for several days, even longer than traditional models despite its intelligent features. Something that will be noticeable in its thickness, which should be larger than usual. Your screen will have a size of 1.5 inches, and will have AMOLED technology. One of its strong points will be the brightness, up to 3000 nits, which means that it will be ideal for use outdoors, since we will see perfectly everything that appears on its screen.

So everything indicates that its characteristics will be aimed at use in open spaces, practicing extreme sports, action and in the middle of nature. And probably, like its Apple rival, it will also be a good companion when going diving in the seas. It may be presented next Junealthough there are reports that even speak of the end of this month.

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