Bethesda plans to release more paid DLC

Bethesda plans to release more paid DLC
Bethesda plans to release more paid DLC

The game will continue to receive free updates

Starfield’s space adventure looks like it’s going to be around for a while. Since it was published in September of last year, it has received a few updates that have incorporated a multitude of new features and functions that have made Bethesda’s work even more excellent. As if that were not enough, all this will be added soon Shattered Space, its first expansion.

Even so, this will not be the only one we will see in the future, because the team’s intention is to keep working on more paid DLC. At least that’s what Todd Howard himself, the game’s director, has stated in an interview he gave to YouTuber MrMattyPlays, because in it he announced that the company is already working on the second major expansion.

He did not want to reveal any details about her, although he did indicate that he also more free updates will be distributed as the weeks go by, so the rhythm of surprises that will arrive will not take any break. For the rest, the second expansion will be released sometime in 2025, so it will still take time until more details about it are released.

For its part, Shattered Space will differ from the base content in that here all the action will take place in one place, which means that players will not have to be piloting their spaceship to visit different planets. In addition, its development has already been underway for some time, since Bethesda started working on it as soon as starfield It went on sale, but the exact day on which it will become available has not yet been finalized. The only thing that has been confirmed about it is that it will be in the fall.

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