Skyrim player has been killing an NPC of the game daily for 3 years waiting for the release of The Elders Scrolls 6

The games of The Elder Scrolls They have been an icon for many players, but it is already common in the saga that the wait for new deliveries usually extend for years. Because of this, there are players looking for different ways to keep the excitement alive.

One of these players is Sidekwho since Almost 3 yearshas embarked on a unique mission killing a well-known Skyrim NPC every day.

The victim of this “hunting” virtual is Nazeema Redguard residing in Whiterun, famous for his arrogance and its iconic phrases in the game. From simple surprise attacks to direct confrontations, Sidek has shown remarkable creativity in his methods of getting rid of Nazeemwho meticulously documents each encounter on his YouTube channel.

But last week, Sidek’s dedication reached a significant milestone as he reached the Nazeem’s thousandth murderand to celebrate this achievement, Sidek organized a special event that he called “Battle Royale”. In this event, multiple simulated versions of Nazeem faced each other until only one will be left standing.

However, the event did not end with a last man standinggiven that Sidek summoned a magical bow and eliminated the last Nazeem with an accurate shot in the back, marking an epic end to their prolonged series of eliminations.

Although for Sidekthis achievement does not mean the end of your “mission”since he began his hunt for wait for the new game in The Elder Scrolls sagawhich was announced in 2018, will continue to eliminate Nazeem daily until the long-awaited launch.

From reaching extraordinary levels to completing unique challenges, the Bethesda community He always demonstrates his ability to transform waiting into a memorable and creative experience.

Seriously ill player shares what The Elder Scrolls Online means to her and how it has improved her quality of life

Video games sometimes They not only serve as mere entertainment when we are boredbut they can also be a valuable tool to distract ourselves and get away from reality a little. In times of difficulty, these virtual worlds can offer comfort, companionship, and a temporary escape that significantly improves our quality of life.

This is precisely the case of a Reddit user who has shared her moving story about how The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has helped her cope with a serious illness.

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