TikTok will begin showing advertising with avatars of real people made with AI

TikTok has launched new generative artificial intelligence tools within its suite Symphonywhich seek to help brands and content creators develop global audiences and advertising based on deepfakes.

These tools include customizable digital avatars and voice-over capabilities in multiple languages. Digital avatars come in two options: avatars of stocksbased on paid actors of various nationalities and languages, and custom avatars, which are created to look like a specific creator (tiktoker) or brand ambassador.

The following example is a digital avatar created based on the person of Adrienne Lahens, head of global operations at TikTok. The executive warns that it is not really her and that the video is a demonstration of the new tools in Symphonyincluding dubbing options in multiple languages.

Deepfakes advertising on TikTok

The avatars of stocks are designed for commercial use (advertising) and are based on paid actors of various nationalities and languages. These avatars are available to any business that wants to add a ‘human touch’ to their content without needing to use real models.

On the other hand, personalized avatars They are created to look like a specific creator and can speak multiple languages, allowing accounts that use them to reach foreign audiences while maintaining a specific appearance. TikTok has implemented a label that marks videos that use these avatars as AI-generated.

Multilingual support function Symphony AI Dubbing allows dubbing content in more than 10 languages ​​and dialects, such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Korean. This tool automatically detects the language spoken in the videos, transcribes, translates and produces a dubbed video in the language selected by the user.

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