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If you like to go unnoticed and you don’t want anyone to bother you or complain to you for not answering on WhatsApp, you must enable spy mode, which is gaining more and more users who are fond of this series of configurations that give them greater peace of mind and tranquility.

Sometimes we waste many hours of our lives on our mobile phones, which is why they have been created for those who use them occasionally and who prefer to avoid problems. because the rest of the users will not be able to detect our activity.

How to activate spy mode in WhatsApp?

Well, as explained T&Cthere is no specific button that activates spy mode in WhatsApp but this is the term that technology experts have coined. to certain settings within the application to go unsuspecting in front of others.

These are the best configurations to go unnoticed | (Freepik)

As? The first of them is by removing the reading settings, something that is achieved in the WhatsApp settings, in “Account” > “Privacy”. There you must deactivate the “Read receipts” option.

This has the advantage that the double blue check does not appear when we read the messages or listen to the voice notes of third parties, but remember that just as the third parties will not know it, neither will you when you send content. Please note that read receipts cannot be disabled in groups.

Another option that will give you greater peace of mind and that is included in the spy mode in WhatsApp is to activate the widget that says “WhatsApp messages” and where the content of all your chats is displayed so you can read them without having to open the conversations!

These options will give you greater privacy | freepik

Get it by pressing and holding your wallpaper for several seconds, arrange it on the desktop and enlarge it to the size that best suits you. When reading them, neither the blue check nor the fact that we are online will appear.

In “Privacy” you can also configure who sees the time of your last time, if you are online, who can see your profile photo and info and also the statuses.

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