The 4 unmissable tricks that you need to know to put into practice on WhatsApp

Very often, it happens that applications like WhatsApp They are renewed, and this happens mainly with the aim of considerably improving the user experience.

However, it is also true that there are certain tricks that contribute to all this, which makes WhatsApp in one of the applications most chosen by people when it comes to communicating with others instantly.

This app is constantly renewed for a better experience for its users.

If you want to improve your own experience when using this Meta application, in this note we share 4 great tricks that are very simple to replicate with your mobile phone. These were shared from the Instagram account “@lopeztips53”.

There are several designs that you can choose from. Fountain: (@lopeztips53)

First of all, You can type a certain word, then press it, to discover the designs linked to that word. To do this, you are going to select it, and then press the “All” option, where you are going to choose the one you prefer, such as, for example, that the word be crossed out.

This way you will be able to connect directly with that person without opening the application previously. Fountain: (@lopeztips53)

A second really useful trick has to do with going to your main menu and holding down the icon. WhatsApp with the finger. The menu will open that will allow you to automatically view the chats of those people with whom you frequently chat, without opening the application. By pressing the same way on a specific chat, you can automatically move to the main screen for simple and direct access to the chat.

This way you will be able to hide your last connection time and if you are online. Fountain: (@lopeztips53)

The third extraordinary trick that you can implement as soon as possible in your account within this application requires, as a first step, going to the settings and selecting the “Privacy” option. Then, you have to choose “Last time and Online” so that your contacts do not see the time of your last connection or whether you are online. Press both the “Nobody” and “Same as last time” options.

You can choose the color you prefer. Fountain: (@lopeztips53)

Finally, the fourth and last trick of WhatsApp It consists of also going to “Settings”. Then, you will go to the “Notifications” section, and finally “Light”. Here you can choose a specific tone for all the notifications of this application that you like.

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