For less than €150, you can get one of these interesting gaming monitors on sale

For less than €150, you can get one of these interesting gaming monitors on sale
For less than €150, you can get one of these interesting gaming monitors on sale

The monitors gaming They are a perfect type of peripheral to be able to play, in the end many of which we can buy that carry this label are specifically designed to offer the highest possible performance in games, but there are also others that, although they do not have very high specifications, we can use them in certain cases. Today, we bring you four monitors cheap that you can use to play your favorite titles with great discounts.

Every day we can find a large number of peripherals that define themselves as «gaming» but where we are going to notice the difference of this label the most is in the monitors, since the specifications they offer usually determine whether they are really made for gaming or not. It is therefore

These monitors are perfect for gaming, or for any other use

When we talk about monitors gaming cheap, it is clear that we do not usually have many options since most of the peripherals of this style that we can find on the market usually exceed €150 or €200. That is why we have made a compilation of three monitors that you can get for less than their normal cost to be able to play with the highest possible performance.

It should be noted that obviously the cheapest monitor does not have very high specifications, but being so cheap it is the perfect option for those people who want to use it much more generally instead of focusing too much on the refresh rate it has.

The cheapest, curved with 23.6 inches and FHD

Starting with the only curved monitor that we have found so cheap, we have one from the KOORUI brand, 23.6 inches that offers a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which will allow us to enjoy any type of game, movie or series with a Pretty good quality considering it only costs €100. The only negative aspect that we can find is that it only includes a 60 Hz refresh rate, so it would really be better if we wanted to use it, for example, as a secondary screen or for games that do not require too high hertz.

A middle point, 27 inches, 100 Hz and a perfect resolution

If we want to get a monitor that is not too expensive, that offers us a fairly large size and that also has a higher refresh rate than what we have seen previously, we can buy this other KOORUI monitor for only €20 more than the previous one. In general terms, it does not differ too much from the previous one, since it also has a Full HD resolution, with a response time of 4 milliseconds, differing mainly in that it has a larger flat screen and offers 40 Hz more, which makes it perfect for consoles.

The best for gaming cheap, with 24 inches and 165 Hz

Finally, we have one that only costs €130, but that offers features worthy of a monitor to use competitively, and we are talking about the AOC 24G2SAE, which has the highest refresh rate that we will find in a monitor for this price. It has a 24-inch flat screen, Full HD resolution, 4 ms response time, a filter that reduces blue light and most importantly, a 165 Hz refresh rate.

Taking into account that in many monitors, practically each hertz costs us at least €1, this monitor turns out to be a bargain, perfect for those people who want to maximize their competitive game but without spending too much money.

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