Six out of ten IT leaders rank security among their biggest challenges | Digital strategies

Six out of ten IT leaders rank security among their biggest challenges | Digital strategies
Six out of ten IT leaders rank security among their biggest challenges | Digital strategies

According to a new study from Canon Europe, only one in four IT decision makers (ITDM) feel very confident in the run-up to an audit, with respondents highlighting their concern about information management processes and the data of their organizations.

The results of the study point out critical gaps in the digital structure of many current companies, highlighting the lack of visibility and control that ITDMs have over information and documentary processes, something fundamental for their function. Anxiety related to data management is clearly manifested in the confidence levels of IT managers before an audit. When asked about the reasons, they pointed to lack of control over employee behavior and lack of visibility of documents and data, both of which play a key role.

More than a third (36%) of managers say they suspect or are aware that employees do not always follow compliance rules (such as GDPR), while one in five ITDMs (17%) say they have experienced a breach accidental by an employee in the last year. This is creating internal tension, as more than half say that cybersecurity takes up a significant part of their workday.

In fact, risk mitigation remains a priority for IT managers. 60% of ITDMs rank security among their top three challenges, with more than a quarter (28%) ranking first.

Lack of real digital progress

ITDMs appear confident in their digital maturity, as 78% believe their organizations are already prepared in terms of digital processes, meaning they are running digitized and automated processes. However, automatic document access rights – the most common capability – are only found in 53% of organizations, meaning that full adoption of automation for information management and document processes is still a long way off. far from being achieved.

28% still have to manually fill out standard organizational documents over and over again, while 26% of employees experience errors or inconsistencies caused by data silos.

On the other hand, one in ten leaders has abandoned implementation projects in the last two years. Implementation issues include compatibility (28%), delays (27%) and ongoing failures of the new technology (21%).

Although the benefits that digital technology can bring to a company are evident, according to the study data, they are not being fully exploited. And almost all managers who have implemented automation (99%) say that the technology could further improve aspects such as work efficiency (37%), employee experience (35%) and customer experience ( 3. 4%).

Although information management is recognized as increasing productivity – 37% of IT managers highlight this as a key benefit – many IT managers are not fully adopting the available document management solutions. This lack of digital progress is hindering the potential of IT teams and holding back the value they can bring.

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