Virtual Media offered robust workflow with Panasonic and AJA Video Systems

Virtual Media offered robust workflow with Panasonic and AJA Video Systems
Virtual Media offered robust workflow with Panasonic and AJA Video Systems

Virtual Media presented attractive 4K workflows for the Mexican audiovisual industry at Expo Cine Video and TV. Led by Eduardo Echeverría, Virtual Media offered a wide range of solutions including products from Panasonic and AJA.

Within the dynamic broadcast contribution workflow, the AK-UC4000 camera stood out. Rodrigo Costa, Panasonic sales manager, said: “The AK-UC4000 studio camera is another Panasonic innovation in transmission technology, which allows operation in 4K and HD modes, offering images with the highest quality and long transmission. uncompressed distance.

For his part, Jorge González, Latam Account Manager of Merlin Distributor, who supported his brands at Expo Screen, states: “It is a privilege to always be able to assist our business partners throughout Latin America and give them the support they need, as is the case of Virtual Media in Mexico, which distributes many of our brands in the country, being a fundamental business partner within the Mexican territory, showing our constant commitment to all our partners in the country in giving the support they need and providing all our support, both in speed of delivery and economics in the development of their projects.”

Eduardo Echeverria, CEO of Virtual Media, said “We are very happy with the work we are carrying out with the brand. Without a doubt, Panasonic’s presence in the country is really very strong and we see that it has a lot of growth potential.”

On the AJA Video Systems side, Virtual Media presented Color Box and the Kit Pro Ultra 12G recorder, featuring portable file-based 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD recording and playback devices, also added to the Kumo OP 16-16 12G together to the AJA FS I HDR Colorfront, frame synchronizer and real-time HDR/WCG converter with Colorfront Engine video processing, being a 4K, UltraHD, 2K, HD HDR Up/Down Converter. “This entire production flow can be delivered both in a rack with its cart included, but it can also be carried out under a cinematic broadcast model, working in 4K HDR,” explained Echeverría. “AJA Video Systems’ entire product line has seen significant growth this year in our market. “We have several important projects.”

For Manny Rosado, Territory Manager field specialist at AJA Video Systems, Mexico is a fundamental market: “Mexico has been one of the leading markets in Latin America for AJA for many years, so it is very important to give it the best assistance. We continue working with Merlin Distributor on master distribution in the country, since they are carrying out a distribution model that has been working very well for AJA. In the case of Mexico, they have always complied with the guidelines established with AJA, with which they managed to have completely 100% of all distribution rights in the country as exclusive distributor. They continue to do everything we have asked of them and even more.”

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