HONOR Strategies and Innovations Against AI

HONOR Strategies and Innovations Against AI
HONOR Strategies and Innovations Against AI

During an exclusive talk given to specialized media in Latin America, Dr. Ray Guo, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of HONOR, revealed the plans that his brand has to continue leading the HONOR innovationsthe development and democratization of key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of smartphones, personal computers and wearables.

For Dr. Guo there is a big difference between talking about AI as a development that has been facilitating the interaction between humans and electronic devices for decades, and Generative Artificial Intelligence, which is the type that is most talked about lately due to the advances demonstrated by tools like ChatGPT from OpenAI, thus enhancing the HONOR innovations.

“When we discuss AI these days, many think of Generative AI, but this technology has a very long history. When I was pursuing my PhD, I was already analyzing algorithms related to artificial intelligence. At the beginning of this century, AI was not something that was as passionate as it is now. “Neural networks were not in fashion,” said Dr. Guo when asked by a member of the press about the moment when HONOR refocused its efforts on leading the way in AI.

HONOR innovations in smartphones

The expert confirmed that HONOR was among the first to recognize the potential of Generative AI and that, before the popularity of this technology exploded, the entire development team had already focused its efforts on implementing the first Neural Processing Units (NPU). , for its acronym in English) on their phones, more specifically the first generation of the HONOR Magic Series.

“We were the first to launch a phone with an NPU as the center of computing power,” said the CMO of HONOR.

This new way of thinking led HONOR to be recognized throughout the technology industry as a leading developer of AI solutions.

“We are currently working with a large number of partners to develop generative AI. The HONOR innovations is focused on developing on-device AI, because doing so represents a better opportunity to create systems that work hand in hand to improve productivity and protect privacy.”

The HONOR innovations It doesn’t happen working alone

HONOR is a global company that relies on collaboration with other industry leaders around the planet. Dr. Ray Guo explained during his talk with the press that, while his team has been innovating on the hardware side for decades, it is the contributions of Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm in the software field that make all devices of HONOR continue to be a commercial success throughout the planet.

For his part, David Moheno, Director of Communication and Public Relations for HONOR LATAM, revealed that the company not only quadrupled smartphone shipments to Latin America, but has also been well accepted among consumers, thanks to tools such as the new operating system. for mobile MagicOS 8.0, which is an operating system that provides intelligent solutions and is making a difference in the industry by generating actions in HONOR innovations.

“Magic Ring, another of the AI ​​tools included in MagicOS 8.0, is a complete system that operates together between devices. “This concept would not have been possible five years ago but thanks to AI and a deep understanding of consumer intentions, we managed to make this possible,” added the HONOR CMO, speaking about how the human- and consumer-centric philosophy , together with the capabilities of AI, can result in the creation of tools that improve people’s lives.

During the talk, Dr. Guo commented that Latin America continues to be a key market for the company’s growth, especially when it comes to democratizing AI. He further explained how HONOR AI empowers technology integration to combine the unique advantages of different devices. Instead of learning user behaviors in isolation on each device, this approach enables recognition of user intent at a macro level, offering personalized recommendations and suggestions.

The CMO reaffirmed that at HONOR we firmly believe that by combining the power of personalization, intuition and privacy protection of AI on devices, everyone can unlock the potential of artificial intelligence.

Everything said by Dr. Guo is in line with the four-layer Artificial Intelligence architecture on which MagicOS 8.0 and its services are based.

The base layer integrates AI between devices and operating systems as the central platform of this open ecosystem. This allows computing power and services to be shared between devices. On this basis, the AI ​​layer at the platform level allows a personalized operating system, facilitating the interaction between the human being and their device based on intention and the allocation of personalized resources. On the other hand, in the third layer, application-level AI introduces a wave of generative and innovative AI applications that will revolutionize user experiences.

Finally, on top, the interface layer to Cloud AI services provides users with easy access to massive Cloud-based services while prioritizing privacy protection, creating a truly comprehensive AI experience and oriented towards the future.

As part of MagicOS 8.0, Magic Portal is the industry’s first intent-based user interface. It understands user behavior and simplifies complex tasks into one-step processes. Magic Portal currently supports a host of applications across seven scenarios, including travel, productivity, messaging, search, entertainment, shopping, and social, with plans to expand usage scenarios to provide even more seamless and intelligent AI experiences. in the future.

Without a doubt, Dr. Guo reaffirmed that HONOR will remain at the forefront with innovations based on artificial intelligence in all its devices, so that all people can access cutting-edge technologies.

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