Palworld: Has Pocketpair received a lawsuit from Nintendo or The Pokémon Company? Director responds

Palworld drew attention in 2019 thanks to its unique reveal trailer; However, few imagined at the time that it would become one of the great releases of recent times. Its success was accompanied by controversy, since its similarities with Pokemon They earned him countless criticisms. Naturally, the community wonders if Nintendo either The Pokémon Company They took legal action.

The Pocketpair title debuted in early 2024 with a great reception from professional players and critics. In addition to achieving an impressive peak of 2,101,867 concurrent users on Steambecame the best third-party premiere in the history of the Xbox Game Pass service.

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Palworld and plagiarism accusations, is Pocketpair in danger?

While achieving success, the open-world game had to face controversy. Although its concept is more reminiscent of sandbox survival titles, such as RUST and arkhis system of capturing little animals immediately reminded Pokemon. Furthermore, some creatures looked like a copy of the mythical pocket monsters.

The fans of Pokemon They called for a boycott, while some artists and players accused Palworld to steal the 3D models of the characters from the Nintendo franchise. Although legal experts claim that The Pokémon Company could win a lawsuit case, the director Takuro Mizobe He assured that the video game passed all legal reviews.

However, the controversy escalated to such an extent that both Nintendo and The Pokémon Company announced that they will begin an investigation and that they will take the necessary measures if appropriate. They’re almost gone 6 monthsso some fans may be wondering if there were any developments in the case.

Palworld’s similarities to Pokémon did not go unnoticed

In a recent interview with the media Game FileTakuro Mizobe, director of the game and head of the Japanese studio, stated that they have not yet received any complaints or demands from the owners of Pokemon. Additionally, she expressed her admiration for the franchise starring Pikachu and company.

“Nothing at all. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company they didn’t tell us something. Of course I love Pokemon And I respect it. I grew up with that in my generation,” highlighted the company manager.

Of course, investigations can be lengthy processes, so it is still too early to know if Palworld will be saved from a hypothetical lawsuit. That said, Pocketpair claims that the open-world game is “completely different from Pokémon.”

In the same interview, Takuro Mizobe suggested that making a port for Nintendo Switch will be difficult due to technical issues.

But tell us, do you think the survival title is a clone of the Nintendo franchise? Let us read you in the comments.

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