When is Apple’s next AI-powered iPhone coming out?

When is Apple’s next AI-powered iPhone coming out?
When is Apple’s next AI-powered iPhone coming out?

Apple’s artificial intelligence was unveiled at the WWDC event and will be part of the iPhone 16 and later models. (Taken from YouTube/Apple)

The arrival of the iPhone 16 keeps fans of Apple’s catalog of devices in suspense, with its CEO Tim Cook, at the last Annual Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), revealing the incorporation of its own artificial intelligence, named Apple Intelligence.

This news from Apple, along with other rumors about the design and features that the next version of the iPhone will include, motivates loyal buyers of this company’s technological products to become more interested in this future launch and the arrival of the next update to its operating system, iOS 18.

All of these launches are forecast to arrive in September 2024, where the iPhone 16 will be launched, integrating all the functions of Apple Intelligence along with more new features.

This new model generates high expectations among Apple fans. (Taken from Apple)

An official release date is unknown at the moment, but as usual, Apple usually opens reservations for its new phone the first weekend after the official presentation.

So if the iPhone 16 is launched on Monday, September 9, reservations would take place throughout the following weekend, and it would go on sale between the weekend of the 20th and 22nd of the same month.

However, All these forecasts will be announced in the course of the dayswhen there is little time left for the arrival of autumn and the new Apple updates.

Artificial intelligence is now available for a select range of Apple devices. (Photo: Apple)

Apple promises that Apple Intelligence will revolutionize interaction and productivity on technological devices, that by through advanced generative models, it aims to offer a more intuitive and efficient experience on products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple Intelligence will be accessible exclusively on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max modelswhich incorporate the A17 Pro chip. Future versions, starting with the iPhone 16, will also integrate this technology.

In the case of iPad and Macusers will be able to enjoy Apple Intelligence on devices equipped with the M1 chip or later. Initially, the system will be available in English for users in the United States.

Apple intelligence will be in the latest iPhone models. (Photo: Europa Press)

One of the novel aspects of Apple Intelligence is its ability to improve the usability and functionality of devices through a series of tools focused on improving writing and navigability.

Among the writing tools is Rewritea feature that allows users to choose from multiple versions of a text to adjust its tone. This tool is especially useful for professionals and students who need to adapt their writing to different audiences or styles.

Another important feature is Proofreadwhich checks grammar and sentence structure. This feature is ideal for those who want to ensure that their writing is free of grammatical and stylistic errors, which is essential in work and educational contexts.

Besides, The Summarize function allows you to generate summaries in different formatsmaking it easier to understand and synthesize extensive information. For example, this tool can be used by journalists to summarize long interviews or by students to condense book chapters.

The iPhone Photos app will see significant improvements. (Photo: Apple)

Another of Apple Intelligence’s notable innovations is the introduction of Genmojia feature that lets you create custom emojis from descriptions or photos of family and friends.

This tool adds a level of personalization to digital conversations, allowing users to express themselves more accurately and emotionally. For example, an emoji can be created that exactly represents a family member or friend, adding a personal touch to messages.

In the Photos app, Apple Intelligence significantly improves image and video search by using natural language. This means users can easily find specific photos with simple commands like “photos from my birthday last year.”

The system makes it easy to remove distracting objects from images, allowing users to improve the visual quality of their photos without having to resort to complicated editing applications.

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