Epson launched its new line of projectors in Colombia. Will it replace the television?

Epson launched its new line of projectors in Colombia. Will it replace the television?
Epson launched its new line of projectors in Colombia. Will it replace the television?

Epson presented its latest generation of projectors in Colombia.

Photo: Epson

Epson, the Japanese printer and projector company, launched its latest line of portable products focused on image projection, called EpiqVision. The three models that make up this line in Colombia are: the Ultrashort Smart LS650, the EF12 portable laser projector and the FH02 portable projector.

Epson’s portable projectors feature immersive audio thanks to a collaboration with Yamaha to integrate high-quality speakers and Ultra HD image projection in 4K definition. They also feature tools that optimize the user experience such as Android TV and the Google Assistant.

At the presentation of the new components, Juan Guillermo Piñeros, Group Product Manager for Epson in Colombia, said that “they have arrived to completely revolutionize the way in which families consume content, achieving an immersive experience through image and sound.”

The Epson EpiqVision FH02offers an image of up to 300 inches, with Android TV, HDMI connector and Bluetooth connection to turn it into a stand-alone speaker. It has a design thought for portability in a backpack weighing 2.6 Kg. To achieve ideal brightness for any environment, it has 3,000 color lumens.

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On the other hand, there is the Epson EpiqVision EF12like the FH02, weighs less than 2.25 kg and also has the option of downloading applications, as well as having an integrated LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), which allows you to view the colors reflected on the surface you are projecting on more clearly. To improve the brightness of the projection, it has the technology MicroLaser Array, which improves the quality of the gloss and at the same time significantly increases the density of the black.

The Epson team EpiqVision LS650 offers the possibility of enjoying images of up to 120 inches in 4K HD resolution and is the EpiqVision generation model designed to be strategically placed and preferably not moved, as it weighs 7.3 kg. For a quick and intuitive setup, it has an iOS or Android app that makes it easy to adjust the projection, such as the size and brightness of the projection.

On the official Epson Colombia website, the EpiqVision EF12 and EpiqVision LS650 models are available for purchase. Their prices are COP $4,449.00 and COP $11,499,000 respectively. The three models of the EpiqVision generation can be found in other authorized stores such as Alkosto, Falabella and Éxito.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a projector as an alternative to a television

Deciding between a projector and a TV may seem like a simple task, but it is important to consider several factors. Projectors have progressed significantly and now represent a standout option for those looking for a versatile entertainment experience.

The advantages of the projector:

  • Screen size: Projectors can create images much larger than any standard television, offering an immersive experience in the comfort of your home. In the case of the Epson EpiqVision FH 02, it offers a size of up to 300 inches, far exceeding the large television screens that range between 80 and 100 inches.
  • Portability: Many projectors are compact and easy to transport, allowing you to enjoy a big screen anywhere, whether in the living room, at a family gathering, or on a trip.
  • Less eye strain: Reflected light from a projector can be softer on the eyes than direct light from a TV, which could reduce eye strain during long viewing periods.

Disadvantages of the projector:

  • Requires darkness: For the best image quality, projectors need a dark environment or one with little ambient light. This can limit their use during the day or in well-lit rooms. However, more modern projectors feature brightness technologies to improve the image in any environment.
  • Image quality: While modern projectors offer excellent picture quality, high-end TVs typically have better resolution, contrast, and more impactful colors for the user experience.
  • Requires configuration: Projectors, in most cases, require a more complex setup than televisions. This includes the need for a projection space, distance and focus adjustment, and speakers, depending on the model. It is important to remember that to optimize image quality on projectors, it is preferable to use white walls.
  • Maintenance: Projector lamps have a limited lifespan and require periodic replacement, unlike TVs. However, their lifespan is subject to the conditions and frequency of use. The costs of a lamp replacement can be an expense to consider.

The choice between a projector and a TV depends on personal needs and preferences. If you are looking for a movie theater-like experience with a giant screen, a projector may be the better choice. Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, it is significant to note that most of them are countered by modern projector models.

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However, if ease of use, brightness and picture quality are a priority in any environment, a TV may still be the more suitable alternative.

It is advisable to evaluate your needs, budget and available space before making a decision. Likewise, you should consider factors such as the desired screen size and whether portability will really be a considerable factor in choosing one option or another.

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