Casio x UNO, the classic watch becomes fun

Casio x UNO, the classic watch becomes fun
Casio x UNO, the classic watch becomes fun

ONEthe card game that has tested friendships and sparked more than one argument at family gatherings, has a history as colorful as its cards. It was born in 1971, when Merle Robbins, a hairdresser from Ohio, decided that the rules of the card game Crazy Eights —crazy eights, a classic casino game— needed a touch-up. With that spark of ingenuity, Merle and his family developed UNO at their kitchen table, never imagining they were creating a worldwide phenomenon.

The goal of UNO is simple: get rid of all your cards before the other players. But the path to victory is filled with unexpected twists and bright colors. Special cards like “Reverse,” “Skip,” and the dreaded “+4” have left many wondering if the true purpose of the game is to win or just watch the world burn. Who hasn’t felt the chill when someone plays a “+4” just when you thought you were going to win!

The word “Wild” appears when the clock lights up.Casio

What started as a home-made game became a commercial success when Robbins sold the rights to a group of local businessmen for $50,000 and a 10-cent royalty on each game sold. Toy giant Mattel bought the rights in 1992, taking UNO to new heights. Today, the game is found in nearly every home on the planet, with themed editions based on movies, television series, and even digital versions for online play.

How much does the new Casio x UNO watch cost and when will it be available?

The watch will come in a very special box.Casio

The colaboration Casio x ONE is an exciting celebration of the two brands’ enduring popularity, combining the playful spirit of the card game with the timeless design and functionality of the watch. new Casio x UNO It can now be purchased in advance on the Casio website and at selected distributors at a price of 2,799 Mexican pesos.

Article originally published in GQ Germany.

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