9 examples of what you can modify

9 examples of what you can modify
9 examples of what you can modify

The iPhone has changed forever with iOS 18 and is now more customizable than ever

With iOS 18 you can modify and customize your iPhone with these 9 options

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Apple has changed a lot of things in iOS 18, but what has surprised us the most are the customization possibilities. iPhone can now be more personal than ever with up to 9 aspects of the user interface that we can modify as we wish. From the color of the icons to the Control Center, passing through the wave buttons on the lock screen.

This is a radical change and a 180-degree turn from Apple’s position a few years agoBut I think it’s a good thing, giving the user more options can never be a bad thing.

Customize icon color

This was unthinkable years ago, but little by little Apple has been opening up. We could already change the icon of the iPhone apps, but With iOS 18 we can now completely change its color in just a couple of taps. This gives a completely different feel to your home screen, making it more personal than ever.

Change the flashlight and camera buttons on the lock screen

A feature requested since Apple changed the design of iOS with the arrival of the iPhone X many years ago. On the lock screen we have Two buttons at the bottom to access the flashlight and cameraAnd with iOS 18 we can edit them to add any other function, from opening an app to running a shortcut. We can even remove these two buttons entirely.

Place the icons where we want

Something that iPhone users have wanted since its inception, so much so that it was already forgotten. In iOS the icons have always been organized in an invisible grid, from left to right and from top to bottom. Everything well organized.

Con iOS 18 we can now alter this order by leaving empty spaces between the icons. You will no longer have to resort to tricks to put “transparent widgets” in between.

Resize widgets

Widgets have been around for a while now on iOS, and now Apple has added a more interesting option for customizing them. Instead of having to tap on the widget and edit it, long-pressing on it brings up various size options, and we can even Drag the bottom right corner to set them to the size you want. This will allow us to customize more efficiently and quickly.

A rainbow clock

We’re back to the lock screen, this time to the clock. The iOS lock screen offers many customization options, including the color of the time. Now In iOS 18 we have an option to set the time as if it were a rainbowwith many colors.

Change icons with dark mode

We can change the color of the icons and we also have another option to have them change automatically when we activate dark mode. This way, instead of using bright and vivid colors, icons will turn darkgiving the iPhone a completely different look.

Hide apps

Hiding apps on the iPhone was possible, but someone with a little knowledge could find those hidden apps. Now with iOS 18 this changes to improve user privacy. If we hide an app in iOS 18 this It will disappear from the home screen and multitasking, it will only be available in a folder called Hidden from the Library of apps, which is only displayed if we We identify with Face ID. We can hide any app by simply holding down on it and tapping on Require Face ID.

A very personal control center

The iPhone Control Center takes a leap forward in terms of customization. We have Many more options, completely customized pages and the possibility to edit the size of the different buttons. A control center that is much more useful and, in addition, much more personal. One of the best new features of iOS 18.

Resize icons and remove app names

Another of the customization options of iOS 18 allows us to icons are slightly larger, while removing the name below apps and games. This is something that couldn’t be done before and is a new form of customization.

With iOS 18 your iPhone will be your real iPhone, You will be able to customize practically everything to leave it as you like. The differences with Android have been reduced in one fell swoop in this update.

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