Sony retires the PlayStation 4

Sony retires the PlayStation 4
Sony retires the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013 and after 11 years, the end of its useful life could be getting closer. Sony’s console still has 49 million active usersbut the company is looking to the future with the PlayStation 5.

The launch of LEGO Horizon Adventures has been a hard blow for the PS4. The console was spared with God of War: Ragnarök in 2022, but Spider-Man 2 It was no longer released for the console and neither was the expansion for Horizon Forbidden West 2023.

“The PlayStation 4 generation is over!”, commented a user of X (formerly Twitter) known as @Zuby_Tech in July 2023. An image accompanies the text showing the titles that Sony has released for PS4 each year.

The year 2022 only has three PlayStation exclusive titles: God of War: Ragnarök, Horizon Forbidden West (without the expansion of the following year) and Gran Turismo 7. The evolution of the releases has not been particularly good since then and Sony has confirmed that it will gradually stop developing games for the console.

The company has set a deadline of 2025, but the reality is that it stopped creating games for PlayStation 4 long before then. LEGO Horizon Adventures It was so simple that users expected it to come to this console, but Sony has other plans.

The company has decided to reserve this game for PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Experts say it is a mere business decision, Even the oldest PS4 could run LEGO Horizon Adventures without any problems.

Sony prepares for the transition to the PS5

The pandemic and the semiconductor crisis prevented Sony from making a smooth transition to PS5. The PS4’s lifespan will end in 2025 and the successor is clear. This year has been full of announcements and releases for PlayStation and very few are backwards compatible.

Some of the most anticipated video games of 2024 such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Helldivers 2, Stellar Bladey Rise of the Rōnin They have skipped the PS4. The only title that has been released for this version is Granblue Fantasy Relink because the developers announced it in 2016.

Sony has confirmed that the latest installment of Astrobot It would not be available for the old version of the console either.. The plot itself uses the PS5 DualSense so it will be difficult for it to be compatible with PS4 in the future, he says. My City.

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