In a landmark move, Microsoft has ordered its staff in China to use iPhones instead of Android phones

In a landmark move, Microsoft has ordered its staff in China to use iPhones instead of Android phones
In a landmark move, Microsoft has ordered its staff in China to use iPhones instead of Android phones
  • Microsoft does not want security breaches in its systems and will force its employees in China to use an iPhone

  • Those who currently use Android will be able to pick up an iPhone 15 paid for by the company

9 julio 2024, 10:12

Updated 9 July 2024, 13:04

Strange. It is the best adjective to describe the situation that Apple is experiencing in China in terms of iPhone sales. Clearly facing Huawei in the high-end, the company has managed to recover some share, although they still have a difficult outlook. In these that the Microsoft’s new imposition on its employees and that will force them to use an iPhone.

At least that is what Bloomberg has been able to find out, who publish a report in which they even talk about the fact that All those who have Android will receive an iPhone 15 from the companyThis imposition would be derived from the possible security problems that arise from using Android in a country like China, where they are so restrictive with content and application stores.

Microsoft doesn’t want to risk leaks “because of” Android

There was a time when Microsoft and Apple were two rival companies, and although they still are in some ways, they have been collaborating for years now and we have seen movements such as the one currently taking place in China, a territory in which employees of the former must only use devices from the latter.

Bloomberg says they have confirmation that Microsoft is asking employees to only use iPhones for work-related mattersAs always when we see these kinds of measures, they don’t seem to impose anything on the personal level. In the professional sphere, where they handle often confidential data, they want to avoid leaks and believe that Apple devices are more secure in this regard.

We start from the assumption that, due to the country’s regulations, Android phones usually start with essential differences compared to those in the West, as they cannot use Google services. This means that third-party stores have to be used, which may not be entirely safe, to protect terminals from spyware. In iOS, on the other hand, the App Store is also different from the Western one, but it maintains strict surveillance by Apple to avoid security problems.

What Microsoft is now promoting, always according to Bloomberg sources, is that all its employees use iPhones and refrain from using mobile phones such as Xiaomi or Huawei. It is even said that anyone who currently owns a device from another brand will be able to pick up a company-financed iPhone 15 to be their new work device.

Origin of the decision and possible new conflicts

That a company of Microsoft’s stature applies restrictive measures for the sake of its confidential information is something that should not be surprising. However, on this occasion it is also motivated by the Data leaks in China that are directly linked to Russiaas they could have even been affecting US government agencies.

Bloomberg anticipates that this restriction on the use of Android devices could be the first step towards a new geopolitical conflict at a time when the United States and China are eyeing each other with suspicion. In any case, it would not be something typical of Microsoft, since many Chinese companies have promoted precisely the opposite, prioritizing the use of devices of Chinese origin and leaving aside brands such as Apple.

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