Review HONOR Pad 9: An Excellent Tablet Quality-Price

Review HONOR Pad 9: An Excellent Tablet Quality-Price
Review HONOR Pad 9: An Excellent Tablet Quality-Price


  • Exterior design – 80%
  • Screen – 95%
  • Software and Operating System – 70%
  • Overall performance – 85%
  • Camera and Features – 70%
  • Battery and Autonomy – 70%


HONOR Pad 9 is the name of the new tablet from the eastern manufacturer that offers a large screen, very good resolution and a suite to improve productivity.

It arrives at the Zoom Tecnológico work table, the HONOR Pad 9a tablet from the Asian manufacturer that offers us an exceptional screen, first-class sound but at a reasonable price.

The new Honor tablet is an example of that quality-price ratio that is so popular, since it is a mid-range tablet but has a high score in productivity.

I invite you to review the details of the user experience with the new HONOR Pad 9 by Claus Narr Rubio of Technological Zoom.

A sleek design to boost productivity and the most vital functions of the Honor tablet

The Honor tablet is a fairly light product and is 7mm thick. We see a high build quality although we will not find IP certification in this product.

We will also see that the edges around the screen remain quite narrow, resulting in a nice screen-to-body ratio of just under 85%, if you like the data I tell you that the HONOR Pad 9 integrates TÜV Rheinland eye protection thanks to a flicker-free display with low blue light emission.

Certainly a well-made product that is enjoyable to use on a daily basis for intense work. It feels good to the touch and the metal casing means there is no compromise in terms of the overall feel of the device.

IPS display enough for top-notch productivity

The panel selected on this occasion is the IPS type, it is 12.1 inches and works at 120Hz, it also has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and has a high resolution that reaches 2560 x 1600 pixels.

In general terms, The screen shows good response times in our testsbut it can be a bit slow for more competitive players. Compared to other terminals, the response time was lower at 21.3 ms, something that will certainly not be satisfactory for users.

I appreciate the correct view of the IPS panel and there are no noticeable changes in colors, in fact this tablet is well balanced for outdoor use, keeping the content readable in sunlight, although it is recommended to avoid reflections on the surface to avoid difficulties in reading.

HONOR Pad 9: The processor is the brain of the device

The HONOR Pad 9 It is equipped with the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor, offering a modern chipset that allows you to fully develop each job performed.

Thanks to the processor architecture (4 nm), various test results show that it is on par with the competition in the mid-range, matching the work of a Lenovo Tab P12 for example and being surpassed by just a few points by the HUAWEI MatePad 11.5.

The HONOR Pad 9 features the Qualcomm Adreno 710 graphics card, the manufacturer’s bet to offer competitive results in all lines of action. It is a very good combination between processor and graphics card and without a doubt this advanced processor does a great job.

Magic UI: An operating system that doesn’t convince me and that has many additional applications

I have reiterated this in various tests of Honor devices, Magic UI has many applications integrated from the start and we see that from the moment this tablet starts up and I am not a fan of such invasive customization layers as they end up worsening the final user experience.

The HONOR Pad 9 arrives with Android 14 and the February 2024 security patches, but it should be noted that it has not been officially announced how long Honor intends to provide security patches to its mid-range tablet, only that these will probably be implemented quarterly.

In practical terms, the Pad 9 works without problems, we will not see delays and its operation will be expected throughout a daily workday. In addition, Honor has been optimizing its system to reduce energy costs and background applications, with the idea of ​​​​favoring each user.

A camera that helps and adds to the overall quality of the device

HONOR Pad 9 comes with an 8MP fixed-focus camera integrated into the screen frame and a 13MP main camera for making UHD quality videos at 30 fps.

In our tests we see that the main camera is ideal for taking photos of documents or getting out of a tight spot, but buyers should not expect more from this type of camera for this terminal, since the sensor will present somewhat reddish photos, with low sharpness and little noise in daylight.

What else can you expect? In low light conditions, the 13MP lens is quickly pushed to its limit despite the f/2.0 aperture. This type of product is certainly put to the test in various tests, but for occasional photos you shouldn’t have any problems.

Battery and autonomy: One good and one bad

Honor’s mid-range tablet has a charging capacity of 8300mAh, which can be charged at up to 35W via the USB Type-C port.

In terms of the battery, I was able to successfully recharge the tablet in approximately 3.5 hours (0% to 100%) and it delivers an approximate battery life of 13 hours, although it won’t last as long as other mid-range products available.

If you like specific data, I can tell you that the HONOR Pad 9 has an energy consumption of 8W, which is inefficient and quite high in general.

Highlights of HONOR Pad 9

We are looking at a product that offers us a large and bright screen, it does not have GPS or 5G but if you are looking for a mid-range tablet with a large screen and you appreciate a powerful speaker system, this product is yours.

Positive Points of HONOR Pad 9: Big, bright, crisp 1600p display. Up to 120Hz display, includes pencil support but not included, includes fast internal storage, and a powerful speaker system.

Negative Points of HONOR Pad 9: It has no GPS or 5G connection, the manufacturer does not specify the product’s system updates, it only has Wi-Fi 5 and a very invasive operating system.

Price and where to find this product: $399,990 an Honor Store.

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