An ‘escape room’ to raise awareness among students against gender violence

An ‘escape room’ to raise awareness among students against gender violence
An ‘escape room’ to raise awareness among students against gender violence

In total, 36 sessions will be held this week at the Cortijo Don Elías and about 1,100 students will participate in them.

Today, we have accompanied the sixth grade students of the Tamixa school in an activity in which they have become agents for equality with a mission that comes from “a global research center for gender equality, which is based in Mijas, where the best scientists in the world work and where all areas of society, language, human and political behavior are studied, to eradicate gender violence,” explained the monitor of the activity and managing director of Intactos Teatro, Raul Muñoz.

It is, you see, the fictional story of an ‘escape room’ that the Department of Equality has set up in the Cortijo Don Elías, and in which the participants, without hesitation, have entered armed with tools such as inclusive language and other resources of equality, to eradicate this scourge, which, we hope, has no future. 6th C student Ailen Vispo explained that “we have to solve a problem so as not to celebrate the Day against Gender Violence another year.” And her partner Ismael Elatribictohy added that “we have 40 minutes to solve tests so that in the year 2091 we can have real equality.”

A mission that, they say, they also carry out in their daily lives in an epic way “because it doesn’t matter what sex we are, we can all do the same thing,” said 6th D student Celeste Arocena, while Alejandro Abolacio , of 6º C, said that we should all do the same, boys and girls alike.”

This is an activity that seeks to raise awareness among young people against gender violence, on the occasion of the upcoming commemoration of 25N. “At the end of the day, it is about training them, sowing that seed so that, little by little, it germinates and together we can eradicate gender violence, which is the ultimate goal that we aim for,” Muñoz highlighted.

Under the title ‘Put yourself in my place’, this awareness program includes 36 one-hour ‘escape room’ sessions, aimed at 6th grade students from the eleven schools in Mijas. These workshops will take place throughout this week in the morning at the Cortijo Don Elías, and, in total, about 1,100 students will participate.

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