How to Cheese Nitara in Season 2 of Invasions Mode

That Nitara serves as the final boss of the Season of the Blood Moon should come as a surprise to nobody. However, the ease with which she can be beaten is a little surprising, especially given how frustrating the two fights leading up to her can be (to be clear, these fights aren’t all that difficult, but they can be incredibly arduous due to the enemies’ high HP and Defense stats).

Of course, those who take her on using conventional methods may find the encounter to be challenging, but there’s an easy method for beating Blood Thirsty Nitara in season 2 of Invasions Mode. Players will simply need two items to pull it off, both of which are incredibly easy to come by and can be purchased using Krowns.

How to Beat Blood Thirsty Nitara in Season 2 of Invasions Mode (Final Boss)

In order to complete the final boss of Invasions Mode, players will need two things: an Ethereal Talisman consumable and the WindBreaker Talisman. There’s a good chance that players will already have both in their inventory by the time they reach the final boss, but it’s not a problem if they don’t. Players can purchase an Ethereal Talisman for 6,500 Krowns from the shop in the Gateway Portal (the Mesa in the center of the map) and a Common WindBreaker Talisman from the second shop in the Rampart Mesa for 2,500 Krowns. It’s worth noting that the stock of the Gateway Portal shop is random, so players may need to wait for it to refresh once or twice.

Players can speed things up a little by leveling their WindBreaker Talisman up to Legendary, but a Common version will work just fine. With that equipped, they should activate their Ethereal Talisman and then enter the fight with Nitara. As per the description, using an Ethereal Talisman provides players with infinite Talisman charges in their next encounter, allowing players to beat Nitara with an endless wave of flatulence by repeatedly pressing in the right analog stick. They will need to dodge some projectiles at the beginning of the second phase (or just hide in the corner and block), but other than that, they’ll be free to fart their way to victory using the WindBreaker Talisman.

As a reward for their flatulence, players will receive Nitara’s Twilight skin, Dangerous Bite palette, and Night Flier gear, as well as 1,000 Seasonal Kredits to spend in the seasonal store. They’ll also get the Bloody Fangs key item, which can be used to open up all of the Locked Gates found throughout Season 2 of Invasions Mode. It’s well worth doing so, as there are plenty more skins and palettes for players to find in these new areas, not to mention a few more challenging fights. Of course, these can also be cheesed using the WindBreaker Talisman if needed, but that’s entirely up to players.

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