Tips to protect your gas tank from the cold and avoid problems

Due to the low temperatures that are beginning to be recorded during the winter season. You gas tank you can register a possible fuel freezing. Therefore, we offer you 3 tips to protect gas tank from the cold and avoid problems. Also, check out this safe and homemade trick to find out how much gas your tank has.

Agree adfire departments, These are a series of recommendations to avoid fuel freezing during this winter season.

Tips to protect your gas tank

  • Put cardboard or blankets over the tankmainly during the night or even during the day when the temperature drops drastically.
  • The Gas tanks must be on a firm foundation and If possible, attached to the wall or window grill, as there have been cases of pets throwing them when running around and causing flames when they are near water heaters.
  • Protect the tanks even with newspaper and rubber from disposable bags from the water pipes, especially when they are made of metallic material such as copper and are exposed to the elements or on roofs and special materials have not been purchased for their protection, such as plastic ones.

More security tips

  • Check that the hoses and valves are well connected and without leaks. You can pour a little soap and water on the outside of them to check if there are any.
  • Transport it carefully, avoiding hitting it.
  • Check that they are not beaten, corroded or deteriorated, if so, avoid using them.
  • Paint with anticorrosive enamel when you want to maintain it.
  • Check its expiration date before using it.
  • Check its expiration date before using it.

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