Uttar Pradesh: To solve class 11 boy’s death case, CBI asks AIIMS to prepare human dummy

LUCKNOW: In a first, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has asked the anatomy department of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi to prepare a human dummy with a skeleton and silicon of density and nature almost identical to that of human bones and flesh.
This dummy will be of the exact height and weight of Abhay Pratap Singh (16), the class 11 student at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) in Amethi whose body was found on railway tracks on January 14, 2018 under mysterious circumstances.
The parents of Abhay had filed a murder case in connection with the incident but the police investigations concluded that it was a suicide.
The family approached them the chief minister who ordered a CB-CID probe which too concluded that it was a suicide. Thereafter, the case was referred to the CBI on the family’s request in July 2021.
The CBI has traced the train staff that was driving the loco which ran over Abhay, or his body.
It now plans to recreate the original crime scene in the presence of team from Central Forensic Science Lab and the family of the victim to find out if there was anything more to the incident. An officer said that the same train engine which was shunted then has been traced and will be used in the recreation of the crime scene.
A senior CBI officer privy to the probe revealed that teams visited the crime scene and got the post-mortem report analyzed by the experts and the messages and call details were traced but nothing concrete could emerge.
The teams apprised senior officials about the case and after the medico-legal opinion from the KGMU in Lucknow and CFSL, the AIIMS Delhi was asked to prepare a human dummy.
“We have placed the order of two such human dummies with a skeleton costing Rs 10 lakh each,” said a private officer to the probe. He said that it will be the first time when such a special ‘human dummy with skeleton’ will be used in a case. Soon it will reach us then the team will recreate the scene.
Senior officers in the CBI said that it will bring the exact details as to what would have led to Abhay’s body in such a condition and then it can be corroborated with the findings of the post-mortem and others.
CBI sources said that a message that was received on Abhay’s mobile phone has been recovered.
It read, “I am curious to know whether god exists or not. “It was not suicide but an experiment.”
A source in CBI said that Abhay was a very good student throughout from Class I and was also made monitor in Class 11 because of being not only good in studies but also in extra co-curricular activities. “Batchmates of Abhay used to lovingly call him ‘Happy’, because of his jovial nature,” said the sources.

November 21, 2023

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