Urabá Antiqueño with problems in the gas supply due to the state of the road

Urabá Antiqueño with problems in the gas supply due to the state of the road
Urabá Antiqueño with problems in the gas supply due to the state of the road

There are more than 200,000 people who have been without gas in Urabá due to road problems, they ask
urgent solutions.

The municipalities affected by this situation are Necoclí, Turbo, Apartadó, Carepa, Chigorodó and Mutatá. Although efforts have been made to restore the service since yesterday, a shortage could occur again at any time because the two routes that allow the supply of gas through tanks with the compressed element are affected, making service difficult.

“An event occurred on one of the bridges that is located on this road, which prevented the normal transit of these equipment. They are very heavy, approximately 50 tons,” said Diego Jaramillo, from EPM’s gas operation unit.

It should be remembered that the main blockade is located at the height of the bridge that connects the municipalities of Necoclí and San Juan de Urabá. In this place, scour has occurred due to the constant rains.

Added to this is the emergency that has besieged the subregion of western Antioquia since last November 3, due to the damage suffered by the bridge that crosses the Tonusco River, near Santa Fe de Antioquia.

“If the rains continue and if the maintenance conditions of these crossings are not suitable for us to have safe operations, we will have to be involved in possible shortages for this subregion of Antioquia,” Jaramillo pointed out.

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Public companies in Medellín announced that they are currently reviewing alternatives with municipal and departmental authorities to restore gas reserves in those municipalities. For the moment, they are calling on users to apply recommendations such as closing the knobs of their gas appliances, shut-off valves and general shut-off valves to guarantee the safety of their homes.

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