Taiwan congratulated Javier Milei, elected president of Argentina

Taiwan congratulated Javier Milei, elected president of Argentina
Taiwan congratulated Javier Milei, elected president of Argentina

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (REUTERS/Annabelle Chih)

The government of Taiwan congratulated this Tuesday Javier Milei for his victory in the Argentine presidential elections.

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Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) spokesperson Jeff Liusaid in a weekly briefing this Tuesday that Taiwan will seek to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Argentina under the incoming Milei government, building on the shared values ​​of democracy, freedom and human rights.

Liu added that the ministry will continue to promote cooperation of Taiwan and Argentina in areas including politics, trade, culture, education and energy, and will jointly protect democracy and freedom around the world, while pursuing the prosperity of both countries.

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Milei won Sunday’s elections with approximately 56% of the votes, surpassing Sergio MassaMinister of Economy and candidate of Peronism (center-left), who obtained 44%.

The statement from the Taiwanese government comes at a time when the change of administration in Argentina seems to mark a possible distancing with China.

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During the election campaign, Milei suggested he would cut ties with Beijing, given their refusal to “do business” with “communist” countries. This Tuesday, Xi Jinping’s regime said that it would be “a big mistake” for Argentina to cut ties.

For its part, Taiwan seeks international allies in the face of the growing threat from China. In this context, according to expertsTaiwan is increasingly betting on Latin Americaa region in which seven of the 13 countries with which it maintains diplomatic relations are located, including Guatemala and Paraguay.

The current vice president Lai Ching-te, considered by China to be an independentist, is the favorite to win the elections (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

On the other hand, Taiwan is preparing to hold key presidential elections on January 13which will determine Taipei’s future relations with China.

Beijing, which claims sovereignty about what he considers a rebellious province since the nationalists of the Kuomintang They retreated there in 1949, after losing the civil war against the communists, in recent months the pressure on the self-governed island increased by carrying out frequent air raids.

The current favorite is the vice president Lai Ching-teof the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (PDP), considered pro-independence by China.

He Kuomingtang (KMT), the largest pro-Beijing group in Taiwan, and the least consolidated Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) have committed to closer ties with China and have reached an agreement this week to evaluate the latest polls and determine their candidate to oppose The I and the DPP.

An announcement was expected on Saturday, but the KMT and TPP disagreed over how to calculate the polls’ margin of error, leading to a deadlock in negotiations.

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