Boggabri residents have their say at flood study information session

Boggabri residents and landowners were given the opportunity on November 15 to provide their thoughts and experiences regarding risk of flooding for the township and the planning for this risk.

Sixteen individual community members actively participated in the two meetings.

A representative from WRM Water and Environment, Hayden Guse, the consultants who undertook the study and plan for council led the sessions.

Michelle Henry, manager for planning and development and Cate McMahon, project stakeholder strategist were also on hand to answer questions and provide information.

Recommended mitigation measures from the study are (highest priority to lowest priority):

• Develop, implement and display an ongoing flood education plan.

• Investigate opportunity for volunteering in identified high-risk areas.

• Talk with BOM about establishing moderate and major flood levels for Boggabri as part of the Namoi and Peel Valley flood warning system. Establish flood forecasting and warning services for Cox’s Creek

• Access to building floor level information (where available) and flood level information when requested.

• Incorporate flood risk map into Development Control Plans (DCP) Consider proposed flood risk measures in DCP updates.

• Review and update the Local Flood Plan to incorporate flood risks to properties, road flooding and flood warning. Communicate Local Flood Plan to the community.

• Investigate additional signage on commonly flooded road sections.

• Consider potential locations and funding sources for a helipad in Boggabri (to assist with resupply in natural disasters).

• Consider rezoning parts of vacant lots zoned RE1 or RE2 partly covered by proposed floodways.

• Voluntary house raising scheme: Benefit-cost ratio not sufficient to access funding. Don’t progress.

Narrabri Shire senior Darrell Tiemens said, “These information sessions are a great chance to learn more about the recommendations in the document to manage flood risks in Boggabri.”

For those who were unable to attend they can share their feed back by completing a short online questionnaire online or a paper copy at the Boggabri library or council chambers.

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