Bmc Cuts Tin Sheet Height Rule: BMC Lowers Tin Sheet Height Rule for Building Sites to 25 Feet – Mumbai News | Mumbai News

Bmc Cuts Tin Sheet Height Rule: BMC Lowers Tin Sheet Height Rule for Building Sites to 25 Feet – Mumbai News | Mumbai News
Bmc Cuts Tin Sheet Height Rule: BMC Lowers Tin Sheet Height Rule for Building Sites to 25 Feet – Mumbai News | Mumbai News
Mumbai: The BMC has decided to lower the height rule for tin sheets at construction sites from the proposed 35 feet to 25 feet after much back and forth following requests from several developers and architects over concerns about structural stability of the sheets.The BMC guidelines issued on October 25 had stated that all project proponents must ensure at least 35-foot-high tin metal sheets are erected around construction projects that are more than 70 meters in height. On Monday, though, Minish Pimple, deputy municipal commissioner, environment, said : “A formal order in this regard is still to be issued but it has been decided that the tin sheets’ height will be reduced to 25 feet. Above that height, we are suggesting placing a green cloth instead.” Architect Shirish Sukhatme, former president of PEATA, highlighted the current on-site challenges where most buildings have limited space between the basement and plot boundary. “Erecting a tall sheet requires substantial foundation space, facing significant lateral pressure. Considerations must extend to wind load, adjacent traffic and worker safety. The sheet’s sturdiness is crucial to preventing life-threatening incidents. Additionally, the mandated green cloth, while meeting the regulations, intensifies heat within the confined workspace, posing difficulties to workers,” said Suktame. Meanwhile, a meeting was held on Monday along with different government authorities where the BMC proposed that Mhada, SRA and MMRDA establish flying squads of their own to monitor construction site violations listed by the civic body on October 25. “SRA authorities said they have already started issuing stop-work notices to construction sites not adhering to air pollution guidelines. “We have also requested them to keep monitoring the sites regularly so that the measures laid out are continuously followed,” he told a BMC official. So far, the BMC has issued 343 stop-work notices to projects found breaching air pollution mitigation guidelines, with most of them located in K-East (Andheri East) and H-East (Kalina and Vakola) wards so far. Officials said during Monday’s meeting, ward officers were told to act strictly and if required even register a police complaint in case a developer does not discontinue the works despite being served with a stop-work notice.
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Air Pollution: Book builders if stop-work notice ignored, BMC chief IS Chahal tells squads

The BMC chief in Mumbai has directed squads to file FIRs against developers who refuse to follow air pollution mitigation measures. Stop-work notices have been issued to construction sites that fail to comply with the regulations. The squads are accompanied by police personnel and will file FIRs against the developers if work continues despite the notices. The BMC has already issued 334 stop-work notices to various construction sites. Common violations include not carrying out activities in enclosed areas, not sprinkling water to settle dust, and carrying uncovered debris. The BMC is also washing roads daily as part of pollution control measures.

Thane: Ulhasnagar civic body issues notices to 190 constructions sites

The Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) in Maharashtra’s Thane district has issued notices to 190 construction sites to address air pollution concerns. The UMC has warned of stop-work notices and sealing of construction sites if they are found to be violating pollution norms. Additionally, the UMC commissioner held a meeting and formed teams to enforce the high court order on restricting the bursting of firecrackers between 8 pm to 10 pm. FIRs were filed against 49 individuals for violating the order.

MMRDA’s ‘Special 23’ to check if Metro sites toe BMC norms

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has established a 23-member squad to oversee construction activities, including road projects and Metro sites, to ensure compliance with pollution mitigation guidelines. The team will monitor the height of barricades at Metro projects, removal of debris, and the sprinkling of water during excavation. They will also ensure that median stones are painted with yellow and black strips and that all completed or ongoing projects are well-lit. Another team will visit the sites weekly to assess compliance and submit reports. The MMRDA is implementing dust mitigation measures, including the use of water sprinklers and covering vehicles carrying excavated earth.

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