Who is Fatima López? This is the story of the Mexican who came to NASA

Who is Fatima López? This is the story of the Mexican who came to NASA
Who is Fatima López? This is the story of the Mexican who came to NASA

Fatima Lopez, originally from Santa Ana Maya, Michoacanachieved a notable milestone by being accepted into the POTthe US Space Agency. At 20 years old, Fátima became one of the few Mexicans who have arrived at this renowned space institution.


In his profile he commented:

“Today, with immense pride, I share that SANTA ANA MAYA, MICHOACÁN, has reached the POT!”

His path to POT It began with its participation in AEXA Aerospace’s “Moon Colonization Program”, where its “Astromenstrus” project, focused on the creation of personal hygiene items for astronauts using 3D printing, won first place. This achievement opened the doors to a scholarship in the Air and Space Program 2022 Fall course at the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Credits: Facebook: Fátima López

“Achieving this dream that I have cherished since my childhood is an achievement that fills my heart with joy. Every sacrifice, every sleepless night, has been an investment in this dream, and today I can affirm that it was worth it. I want to motivate everyone: pursue “Your dreams, because sooner or later, they will become reality. The key is to give it your all, every step of the way.”

In this program, Fatima She is one of 60 young people selected from around the world to receive astronaut training. Her experience in POTas she mentions, represents a significant advance in her career and an important step in achieving her dreams.

Fatima publicly expressed her joy and gratitude for achieving this dream that she has pursued since her childhood. Through her hard work and dedication, she has proven that her ambitious goals are achievable. On her social media, she highlighted that every sacrifice and sleepless night was worth it to get to this point.

Credits: Facebook: Fátima López

Finally he commented:

“My deep gratitude to those who provided their support to make this dream possible. Remember, dreams are fulfilled with determination and constant effort! Giant goals are coming, this is just the beginning”

What other Mexicans have been in the POT?

Rodolfo Neri Vela, born in Warrior, became the first Mexican astronaut to travel to space on November 26, 1985, as part of Mission STS-61-B of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. During this mission, he orbited the Earth 109 times and participated in placing three communications satellites into orbit.

Katya Echazarreta, originally from Guadalajara, sShe became the first Mexican woman to travel to space in June 2022. Her trip aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft marked an important milestone, being one of the few commercial astronauts of Mexican origin.

Jose Hernandez Morenoalthough born in California, spent much of his childhood among Mexico and the United States. The son of Mexican immigrants, Hernández overcame several rejections before being selected by the POT in 2004. He participated in the STS-128 mission launched in 2009, marking his first time in space.


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